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Li Wanqiang: I officially leave Xiaomi. Thank you for the hot 10 years

November 29 news today Xiaomi Group Organization Department issued an internal letter. Lei Jun will no longer be president of China, but Lu Weibing will take turns. The latter will also be general manager of redmi brand. Wang Xiang succeeded Lin bin as the group president and Lin bin as the vice chairman of the company. The CFO was appointed to the International Department on a weekly basis and continued to hold the post before the new CFO arrived.

At the same time, Li Wanqiang, co-founder of the company, was announced to leave his post as a senior consultant due to personal reasons. Later, Li Wanqiang also announced his official departure from Xiaomi in the circle of friends, and wished Xiaomi better and better: 'I officially left Xiaomi, said goodbye, and wished Xiaomi better and better in the future. In the past 10 years, thank you, Mr. Lei, Xiaomi's brothers who fought side by side, all media friends and partners for their love and support, as well as the rice noodles friends who gave me suggestions and encouragement from all over the world! And the pot of rice porridge that my father cooked in the dark at 5 o'clock. Thank you for the hot and boiling 10 years! '

Lei Jun said in an internal letter: 'thank you for the long-term efforts and great contributions made by Ali since he started his business. Li led many businesses such as MIUI, (Xiaomi sales and service system), Xiaomi brand market system, etc. to continue to open up wasteland, and made indelible contributions in many fields such as business model verification and implementation, corporate culture and brand building. 'Lei Jun also said,' I wish Ali a complete freedom from now on, happy life! '

According to the public information, Li Wanqiang is one of the co founders of Xiaomi, leading Xiaomi's research and development methods based on the 'user development mode' MIUI mobile operating system. Prior to the founding of Xiaomi technology, he was the design director of Jinshan software design center and the general manager of Jinshan Ciba. It is reported that at the beginning of Xiaomi's establishment, Li Wanqiang was responsible for the overall R & D, design and operation of MIUI; in 2011, Li Wanqiang began to be responsible for the establishment of Xiaomi network, fully responsible for the operation, marketing, service, e-commerce, logistics and other businesses of Xiaomi Mobile phone, and also the author of the best-selling commercial Book sense of participation. In October 2014, Li Wanqiang announced to leave Xiaomi temporarily and go to the Silicon Valley of the United States to 'close down', and Lin Bin took over the work of; in 2016, Li Wanqiang returned to Xiaomi to take charge of Xiaomi market and Xiaomi business.

It is reported that after April this year, Li Wanqiang began to take a vacation and is currently focusing on photography and painting that he loves and pursues.