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Doctor's award-winning speech: benevolent doctor's heart is still a liar

Original title: the award winning speech highlights that the doctor who sucks urine and saves people is still a spoof player & hellip; & hellip;

On November 28, Dr. Zhang Hong, who was on the plane 'sucking urine' to save people, was awarded the title of 'Jinan Xinglin model'. His "award speech" also made netizens laugh and exclaim: it turned out to be a spoof player!

Guangzhou Daily reported that the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University held a commendation meeting on the afternoon of the 28th, awarding the title of "model of Jinan Xinglin" to Dr. Zhang Hong who breathed urine to save people on the plane.

At the meeting, the hospital called on all staff to learn from Dr. Zhang Hong's professional spirit of respecting and protecting life, saving lives and injuries, loving the boundless and daring to contribute.

Colleague evaluation: a kind person

As a senior and old leader, Wang Xiaobai was not surprised by Zhang Hong's move. 'Zhang Hong is a kind person and a good man. He can stand the Hippocratic oath when the doctor took the oath. 'this is what Wang Xiaobai said most in the interview.

First of all, the behavior itself is not easy. We need to overcome psychological and physical discomfort. He took the first sip and found it effective. He continued to take 37 minutes to suck out 800 ml of urine, which was very difficult. 'Wang Xiaobai said so.

Zhang Hong may not be the most intelligent person or the top doctor in China, but he will stand up at the critical moment and be able to use his best ability to help patients and help the wounded and the dead, which is the most worthy of our admiration and learning. '

It is understood that Dr. Zhang Hong's family are all "Jinan people". His parents are retired professors of Jinan University. My mother worked in the accounting department, and my father was one of the founders of the law school. He first worked in the economic law system.

'I came to Jinan with my parents in 1979 and have been in Jinan for 40 years. According to Zhang Hong, he studied in the medical department of Medical College of Jinan University in 1983 and stayed in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University after graduation in 1989. 'this year, it's my 30th year in the hospital. '

Thank you!

It is understood that Dr. Zhang Hong's speech at the commendation meeting was humorous and true. The excerpt is as follows:

1. There are no advanced deeds to report. There are two sequelae after this incident: first, my wife has stopped kissing me, and second, the better the beer, the more afraid it is to drink.

2. When I graduated from the medical school in six years, I was very excited to take an oath at the graduation ceremony. I swore that I would devote my whole life to the medical cause. So, I believe that under the circumstances, every doctor would do so.

3. In fact, our medical staff do much more complicated and difficult things every day, but this thing I do is in a special space.

4. After this commendation meeting, I was a mediocre doctor and a mediocre worker.

See these 'award speech' after the netizens laugh!

It's too real,

So cute & hellip; & hellip;

Humor and frankness, don't forget the original intention,

Like him!

Another doctor donated all the money & hellip; & hellip;

Together with Dr. Zhang Hong, Xiao Zhanxiang of the vascular surgery department of the people's Hospital of Hainan province saved people. After receiving 100000 yuan reward from the hospital, I didn't expect him to make an 'unexpected' move: donate all the money and reward the medical staff who have social responsibility in the future.

After receiving the award, Xiao Zhanxiang said:

"The praise from all walks of life and the hospital's reward are the affirmation of this profession, the encouragement of this behavior and the praise of this spirit. This affirmation, encouragement and honor should belong to all medical staff who stick to their original intention and take the mission bravely.

I decided to donate the 100000 yuan awarded to me by the hospital and set up a special fund to reward the medical staff who have social responsibility in the future. "Xiao Zhanxiang looks forward to seeing more doctors in the future. For our responsibility and mission, we are desperate and courageous to take responsibility and defend the sanctity and glory of medicine! At the same time, we hope that all sectors of society can give more understanding, respect and love to medical staff!