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Ten generations of core notebook completely abandon the traditional USB? Why thunderbolt 3 interface

Do you pay attention to the interface when buying notebook? Presumably, most people will not consider this issue, and in the ten generation core notebook, thunderbolt 3 is a very important interface, do not ignore its existence, which is the standard to test whether the ten generation core notebook is productive.

Thunderbolt 3: what is a productivity notebook?

Recently, a notebook with a price of up to 20000 yuan has aroused hot discussion among netizens. What we are discussing is not its 16 inch screen, ten generation core processor and so on, but the interface -- this notebook is very radical in the interface, only gives 4 lightning 3 interfaces, no other interfaces, and the most common usb-a interface is not available.

Ten generations of core notebooks are powerful enough, but why do they like the thunderbolt 3 interface so much? The company's vice president explained:

We have done a lot of research on notebooks to understand what our customers use, what kind of demand for IO, what kind of demand will grow and how to change. We have also discussed USB a, HDMI, SD card reader and other issues.

The final conclusion is that more and more customers are using usb-c and lightning interfaces. They like the unparalleled performance and power supply capacity of these interfaces. Therefore, we believe that in the most advanced notebook, four usb-c / lightning interfaces can provide the greatest convenience for the work in the next few years.

These words simply summarize that the thunderbolt 3 interface is the most NB for the ten generation core notebook. It has the best performance, powerful power supply, convenient use, and can completely meet the high productivity requirements of consumers.

What are the advantages of ten generations of core thunderbolt 3? Lead countless heroes to bow down

What is the lightning 3 interface? It is a new generation of interface integrated in ten generations of core notebook. Lightning itself is a high-speed data transmission interface different from USB standard developed by Intel in the past few years. Its English name is thunderbolt. Lightning 3 is the latest generation of standard, and it is also the most changed lightning interface in all generations.

In short, lightning 3 has the advantages of high speed, high power supply, physical interface technology, multi protocol compatibility and so on.

First of all, the speed of lightning 3 interface has reached 40Gbps, which is still in the full duplex state. If it is one-way transmission, the speed can reach 80gbps at most, which is far higher than 20gbps of USB 3.2 and 18gbps of HDMI 2.0, which is equivalent to 80gbps of DP 2.0. However, DP 2.0 standard is only issued this year, and product support will not be available until later 2020, which is far from popularization.

Secondly, the usb-c interface is chosen as the standard in the physical interface of the thunderbolt 3 interface, which is no longer the single fight as before, which also lays the foundation for its compatibility with other protocols. Besides running data, the thunderbolt 3 interface can also run USB, DP video signals, etc.

After Intel opened the lightning 3 protocol, USB 4 and DP 2.0 both chose to be compatible with lightning 3, so a lightning 3 interface can complete data, video and other transmission work, without selecting its own interface for each standard, and one port multi-function is the normal state of lightning 3.

Thirdly, thunderbolt 3 interface supports daisy chain extension, which is the advantage of thunderbolt technology since the beginning. It can be extended by one drag and many extensions, so one interface can derive many possibilities, especially when it is compatible with USB, DP and other standards, one interface can transfer out countless possibilities.

In addition, thunderbolt 3 has a great advantage, that is, power supply. It can support up to 100W power supply output, plus 40Gbps bidirectional / 80gbps unidirectional high-speed rate. Thunderbolt 3 can supply power to independent graphics card and support multiple 4K displays.

With these advantages, thunderbolt 3 interface is destined to become the first choice of productivity platform. The more thunderbolt 3 interfaces, the stronger productivity, the faster data transmission, and the higher efficiency of equipment sharing and collaboration.

Ten generation core first integrated thunderbolt 3: open and unified

As the inventor of lightning series interface, Intel has also changed its previous practice in lightning 3 interface, opened lightning 3 technology free of charge, promoted the interoperability of lightning 3 with USB 4, DP 2.0 and other interfaces, and finally lightning 3 has become the factual standard of the new generation platform.

In addition, Intel also took the lead in integrating the lightning 3 master control into the processor on the 10th generation core ice lake processor. Therefore, the lightning 3 interface has become the first choice on the 10th generation core notebook. According to the positioning of the notebook, each manufacturer's 10th generation core notebook will be equipped with 1-2 or more lightning 3 interfaces, greatly improving the productivity of the notebook.