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Beehive energy plan of Great Wall Motor power battery company IPO of science and technology innovati

On November 29, honeycomb energy, a power battery company spun off by Great Wall Motors, is considering an independent listing.

Yang Hongxin, general manager of honeycomb energy, told the media recently that the company plans to apply for science and technology innovation board by the second half of 2022. The first round of financing is in accordance with the plan. The investors come from various fields outside the great wall system, including funds supported by national industrial policies and pure commercial companies.

Beehive energy emerged from the power battery research and development team established by Great Wall Motors in 2012. It is positioned as a third-party power battery enterprise, open to domestic and global vehicle enterprises. According to Yang Hongxin, honeycomb energy products have been evaluated by a number of external car companies, 'domestic car companies such as Geely, GAC, Weilai, etc., foreign car companies such as Peugeot Citroen, etc. have given very good feedback on our product evaluation, and Audi and Daimler are also evaluating. Our goal, of course, is to strive to develop all high-quality customers. '