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Longxin Zhongke will launch a new generation of CPU architecture products at a conference next month

November 28 according to the news of Longxin Zhongke, the 2019 product release and user conference of Longxin Zhongke will be opened in the National Conference Center on December 24, and a new generation processor architecture product of Longxin will be launched.

Agenda arrangement:

Main forum in the morning:

Dragon core CPU keynote speech sharing.

Longxin new generation processor architecture product release.

Dragon core partner product release.

Longxin ecology and solution sharing.

Afternoon sub Forum:

Command and control.

Office and information.

Network security and industrial control.

It is reported that Godson is a general-purpose CPU independently developed by the Computing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which adopts RISC instruction set, similar to MIPS instruction set. Longxin-1, with a frequency of 266MHz, was first used in 2002. Longxin 2 has a maximum frequency of 1GHz. Godson 3a is the first domestic commercial 4-core processor with a working frequency of 900mhz-1ghz. The peak calculation capacity of Godson 3A reaches 16gflops. Godson 3b is the first domestic commercial 8-core processor, with the main frequency of 1GHz, accelerated support vector operation, and the peak computing capacity of 128gflops, which has a high performance to power ratio.