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Nut mobile phone Pro3 released: Qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus chip from 2899 yuan

In terms of appearance, nut Pro 3 continues the design language of the previous generation of products, with clear edges and corners, which is very simple. Nut Pro 3 breaks through the symmetrical paradigm and makes the whole machine more modernistic. In addition, the design team breaks up and rearranges the four photos, which seems to be more consistent with the mobile phone, and uses the breathing logo back light In terms of photo taking, nut Pro 3 adopts Sony imx586 with 48 million pixels as the main camera, 13 million pixels as the main camera, 123 degree ultra wide angle lens with 1.12um, double optical zoom lens with 8 million pixels and 2cm ultra micro range lens with 5 million pixels. The mobile phone has strong dark light rendering ability and anti shake shooting ability. In addition, in terms of functions, the mobile phone also has a variety of filters for users to choose from, and also has multi-channel video shooting function In terms of selfie, nut Pro 3 uses a 20 megapixel 3t1 Samsung sensor with a 1.8um, f / 2.0 aperture. In terms of function, nut Pro 3 cooperates with the light color camera and has built-in light color beauty suit, which can intelligently identify men and women and skin color.

It is worth mentioning that in the wide-angle selfie, in order to avoid face deformation, the mobile phone adds the byte beating distortion correction technology based on face protection, which can perfectly solve this problem. In terms of interest, the camera and buffeting effect of nut Pro 3 will be shared in real time and updated synchronously.

In terms of configuration, nutpro 3 adopts the snapdragon 855 + full blood version processor, with the maximum 12gb lpddr4x ram, 256gb UFS 3.0 storage space, (the 128GB version of low configuration version is ufs2.1) uses the latest generation of off screen fingerprint sensor, with the unlocking speed of 0.2 seconds, the screen adopts the 6.39 inch P3 wide color gamut comprehensive screen, the maximum brightness reaches 600nit, and the built-in battery with the capacity of 4000mAh In terms of the system, the nut Pro 3 didn't give up the imitative style, built-in smartisan 7.0 UI, brought 332 basic experience upgrades for basic functions, brought new fonts, optimized new gesture operation, added simple mode to the lock screen interface, brought new play mode and many other functions.

This time, nut Pro 3 has updated the three piece efficiency kit, upgraded lightning capsule to version 3.0, and added support for social software. For the big bang function, nut Pro 3 not only inherits the previous function of extracting text and pictures, but also adds the function of big bang sound. Long press of the screen will wake up the explosion key, which can extract the content in audio and video, and even can It can extract the text of English video and voice call, and splice the screenshot of a certain frame in the video In one step, nutpro 3 solves the problem of pseudo multitasking in general Android mobile phones. In the new step, multiple apps can be displayed on the mobile phone screen at the same time, and the screen can be refreshed in real time. You only need to click the app you want to switch and you can switch at any time. The most surprising thing is that the new step also has a very powerful drag function. You only need to drag pictures on the split screen app, that is You can easily insert a picture into a split screen post, or even drag a form into a word document.

In addition, a message about TNT was also disclosed in the conference of nut Pro 3. Although byte jumping was added, nut still did not give up TNT. Meanwhile, TNT function experience of mobile phone was optimized, sharing function was strengthened, splicing function was improved, virtual touch version 2.0 was upgraded, window size could be adjusted directly on the touch version, and gesture operation was carried out, It is worth mentioning that the wireless TNT is finally brought in this time, which can be compatible with 90% of the current mainstream TV, and even can cast the screen on the PC equipment. At the conference, it was officially announced that the 7.1 tasting version of nut Pro 3 would be applied for in the Forum on November 1, and the 7.2 stable version UI would be fully pushed in December. It is reported that the nut Pro 3 8GB + 128GB version costs 2899 yuan, the 8GB + 256gb version costs 3199 yuan, the 12gb + 256gb version costs 3599 yuan, and the mobile phone is available at 9:00 tonight, with a maximum subsidy of 1000 yuan for old for new. The price of double 11 is 2699 yuan for 8GB + 128GB, 2999 yuan for 8GB + 256gb and 3399 yuan for 12gb + 256gb.

Author: Han Yibing