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Lenovo Chang Cheng reviews 5g chips in the near future: the real trump card is still on the way

This morning, Lenovo Chang Cheng tweeted that exynos 980, Kirin 990, Tianji 1000 and the Xiaolong 8 series released next week. 5g SOC is in full bloom. In fact, the real trump card is still on the way... Chang Cheng counted several 5g chips released this year for us, and said that "the trump card is still on the way". Does Lenovo also have plans to develop 5g chips by itself? At the bottom of Weibo, there are also many fans asking what the "trump card" is, but Chang Cheng didn't say it clearly, just publicized his new Z6 Pro 5g mobile phone. Lenovo, as a famous brand in China, has a rich accumulation in the field of mobile phones. Facing the 5g era, we believe that Lenovo will give us a satisfactory answer.