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Science and technology innovation board sandamen online roadshow on November 5 plans to issue 83.47

On November 4, it was reported that after the issuance of the prospectus intention letter last week, the company, which applied to be listed on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, today released an online roadshow announcement and will conduct an online roadshow on November 5.

According to the announcement of online roadshow of IPO and listing on science and technology innovation board, the online roadshow time of santaman is 14:00-17:00 on November 5, that is, from 2:00 to 5:00 tomorrow afternoon.

The announcement also disclosed the website of the online roadshow of santaman. The main members of the board of directors and management of the company and relevant personnel of the sponsor (the main underwriter) will participate in the online roadshow.

According to the previous announcement of IPO and IPO arrangement and preliminary inquiry on the science and technology innovation board, the issuance price of santam will be determined the day before the online roadshow, that is, today. After the online roadshow, the shares of santaman will be open for subscription on November 6. The offline subscription time is 9:30-15:00, and the online subscription time is 9:30-11:30, 13:00-15:00.

Sandamen plans to issue 83.47 million new shares to the public, accounting for 25% of the total share capital of the company after the issuance, and the total share capital of the company after the issuance is 3388 million shares.

Among the more than 80 million new shares to be issued, the initial strategic allotment is 3.3388 million shares. Before the start of the call back mechanism, the initial offline issuance is 56.0922 million shares, and the initial online issuance is 24.039 million shares. The final online and offline issuance quantity will be determined according to the call back situation.

The predecessor of Sanda membrane is Sanda (Xiamen) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. established on April 26, 2005, which is funded by Sanda membrane science and technology, with a registered capital of US $1 million. On July 13, 2012, Sanda environment changed into a joint stock company as a whole.

According to the information on the official website, Sanda membrane is a comprehensive solution provider and water investment operator for industrial separation and purification and membrane water treatment with membrane technology application as the core. In the field of membrane technology application, it can provide comprehensive solutions according to the differentiated needs of customers.

According to the prospectus, Sanda membrane focuses on membrane material research and development, membrane module production, membrane software development, membrane equipment manufacturing, membrane system integration and membrane technology application, grasps the research and development methods of advanced inorganic non-metallic membrane materials and high-performance composite membrane materials, constructs a membrane industry chain covering 'membrane materials membrane components membrane equipment membrane software membrane application', and services covering special separation In the two application fields of water treatment, it provides the means and methods of clean production and green manufacturing for the upgrading of traditional industrial production process, and provides innovative solutions based on the application of membrane technology for the separation and purification of process industry and waste water recycling.

After more than ten years of development since its establishment, the company has made great progress in the development and application of membrane technology.

According to the prospectus, from 2016 to 2018, the annual revenue of santam is 544 million yuan, 586 million yuan and 590 million yuan, all above 500 million yuan, and the net profit of the same period is 130 million yuan, 187 million yuan and 183 million yuan, all over 100 million yuan. In the first half of this year, the company's revenue was 326 million yuan, achieving a net profit of 174 million yuan.

The application documents for the issuance and listing of the shares of sdmc science and technology innovation board were accepted on April 19. The sponsor is Changjiang Securities Underwriting and recommendation Co., Ltd., the accounting firm is Grant Thornton, and the law firm is jintiancheng, Shanghai.

Through the issuance of new shares, Sanda membrane plans to raise 1.41 billion yuan for five projects, including the research and development center of membrane materials and technology, the preparation and production of special separation membrane and its complete equipment, of which 200 million yuan is intended to supplement the working capital.