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7999 yuan! The best version of Rog game phone 2 is finally launched: 12gb storage + 1TB UFS 3.0 flas

On July 23, Asustek officially released the Rog game mobile phone 2, which was launched with the snapdragon 855plus processor, which is still the strongest on Android, and has reached the top level in appearance, heat dissipation and other aspects, once again setting a new benchmark in the industry. It's worth noting that there are three versions of the machine, namely the elite version, the classic version and the ultimate edition. However, the supreme edition is not available yet. Now there is the latest news. Recently, Asustek officially announced that this mysterious super edition has finally been put on the shelves.

According to Asustek's official introduction, compared with the elite version and the classic version, the mysterious supreme version not only has 12gb of super memory, but also matches the 1TB of super flash memory of UFS 3.0, and the 4G download speed is also increased to LTE cat.20 2gbps. In addition to the mobile phone, the premium version will also provide a unique matte black back shell, which is very cool.

In other aspects, like the elite version and the classic version, the top version of the Rog game phone 2 also uses a 6.59-inch 120Hz refresh rate video competition screen, which supports DC dimming, equipped with a snapdragon 855 plus processor, a 24 million pixel self timer lens in front, a 48 million pixel + 12 million pixel dual camera head in back, a 4000mAh battery built-in, and 27W fast charging.

In addition, the machine will still support a shark, game dock and other characteristic modes, and further upgrade the magic press pressure control technology that performs well on the black shark game mobile 2. With the matrix liquid cooling cooling system, the machine can bring more efficient use experience.

It is reported that the top version of the Rog game phone 2 has begun to accept an appointment and will be officially sold at 0:00 on November 11, at a price of 7999 yuan. You can pay attention to your favorite friends at that time.