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Intel announces 5g action! With the support of MediaTek

Intel announced to quit 5g baseband business in April this year, but it does not mean that Intel will give up 5g, will continue to invest in 5g network infrastructure, and still have a clear plan on baseband business.

Intel hopes to subvert the industry again through the development and application of 5g baseband, just like Wi Fi once changed PC.

Intel believes that connectivity is an important part of the overall PC platform, including thunderbolt, Wi Fi 6, 4G LTE and 5g. Among them, the 10 generation core platform has natively supported thunderbolt 3 and Wi Fi 6, and the newly proposed Athena plan notebook also attaches great importance to connectivity.

MediaTek will release a new 5g scheme in Shenzhen tomorrow to support NSA / SA dual-mode networking and 5g dual carrier aggregation, with download speed up to 4.7gbps and wider signal coverage. At that time, we will give you a first-hand report & hellip; & hellip;