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Famous illustrator describes that nova6 "5g" tide paradise ten cities nova6 self timer interactive d

Winter has come. In this cold season, there is going to be a rush of self filming. It turns out that Huawei's Nova series is going to have to do something again! As a mobile phone brand for young people, Huawei Nova series always know how to play with young people. According to the latest news of nova6 series of new products released by Huawei, in addition to supporting 5g and Wuhan's release on December 5, the highlights of 105 & deg; super wide angle selfie, 32 million front auto focus and 32 million people like super night scene 2.0 are very attractive and popular among young people.

Today, Huawei officials have revealed new surprises! The new nova6 series will work with well-known illustrators to depict nova6 5g tide Park in the form of illustration. At that time, four illustrations will land in ten cities in the form of "nova6 self timer interactive device" from November 25. At the same time, the official microblog of Huawei terminal released a notice about the "nova6 self portrait" activity, inviting young people to participate in it and start self portrait Carnival together. What's more interesting is that in the nova6 self timer interactive device, it also echoes the 5g advantages of nova6 series and the current 5g trend, hides 5g elements in the nova6 self timer interactive device, and invites the majority of netizens to come together to 'find fault'.

(the picture comes from the official Weibo of Huawei terminal)

'nova6 self portrait' activity may create a new holy land for netred card punch

This summer, Huawei nova5 joined hands with a number of graffiti masters to launch graffiti walls with different themes in Beijing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places. The popularity of the graffiti walls was unprecedented for a while, and it instantly became a popular online red card punching Holy Land in the minds of the trendy people. Tomorrow, Huawei's nova6 series will go deep into young groups through self filming interactive devices in ten major cities, and set up three major participation modes: card punching challenge, offline card punching online competition, and playing nova6 together with stars or big v. This series of actions of Huawei nova6 may create a new holy land of new netred card punching.

(picture from HUAWEI terminal official micro-blog)

It can also be seen from Huawei's official announcement that the theme activity of "nova6 self portrait" will be held in ten cities, including Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Nanchang and Nanjing. Each city will have cool nova6 self portrait interactive devices in the air, and the activity will be online and offline at the same time. Each of the above-mentioned participation methods will have a good gift to each other , secretly tell you that you can get a Huawei nova6 series 5g mobile phone at most! For details, please refer to the activity details in the official Weibo long chart of Huawei terminal.

In order to let young people feel the cool experience of selfie, Huawei Nova has created four illustrations in spring, summer, autumn and winter together with famous illustrators, each of which is closely related to young people's 5g life. This series of operations are similar to the graffiti wall of Huawei nova5, and it is believed that there will be a boom of selfie among young people again.

The three selling points of 5g + selfie are the focus of the whole audience

Nowadays, 5g has become a trend among young people. To keep up with the faster speed of 5g era, young people undoubtedly need a 5g mobile phone of their own. The upcoming Huawei nova6 series caters to the needs of young people, not only by hiding 5g colored eggs in the self timer interactive device, improving the enthusiasm of young people to participate, but also by showing the product strength of Huawei nova6 series through three self timer selling points, bringing cool self timer experience to young people.

(the picture comes from the official Weibo of Huawei terminal)

Huawei's nova6 series, as a new product to be released, will continue the fashion and trend DNA of Nova series, and meet the rich needs of young people's life scenes through 5g technology and other innovative technologies. Tomorrow will be the first day of "nova6 self portrait" activity. Friends who like self portrait will go to the scene to experience the powerful self portrait function of the new machine, and at the same time, don't forget to find the hidden 5g egg!