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Tesla cybertruck booked nearly 150000 vehicles on its first day, worth more than $8 billion

Recently, Tesla officially released cybertruck, the world's first pure electric pickup truck, which attracted people's comments for its exaggerated shape.

Although it may not seem practical, in fact, in the vast and sparsely populated U.S. region, pickup trucks are far more popular than ordinary cars. Combined with Tesla's brand appeal, cybertruck has made a lot of bookings so far.

Tesla CEO mask just released the pre-sale data of Tesla cybertruck. In a short day, cybertruck has booked 146000 vehicles in total, of which 42% choose the dual motor version, 41% choose the three motor version and 17% choose the single motor version.

Combined with the sales price, the value of these orders has exceeded 8 billion US dollars.

It is reported that the entry-level cybertruck starts at $39900 and has a endurance of 400km. The luxury version is priced at $69900, with a endurance of 800km and a time of 3 seconds from 0 to 100km / h.