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What else do you need to know besides snapdragon 865: Samsung Galaxy S11

Of course, as the first flagship aircraft to appear in 2020, the highlight of Samsung Galaxy S11 is not only Xiaolong 865, but also the screen, camera, endurance and 5g of the aircraft.


The screen has always been the highlight of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S and note series. According to foreign media reports, the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will have three models, with screen sizes of 6.7 inches and 6.9 inches respectively.

The screen size of the upgraded Galaxy s11e of "small screen flagship" will also be upgraded to 6.2 inches or 6.4 inches. It depends on Samsung whether it can provide excellent one hand grip! In addition, it is worth looking forward to. Recently, some netizens found the 120 Hz screen refresh rate option in the one UI. Does this mean that Samsung will equip the galaxy S11 series with 120 Hz refresh rate screens?


When the galaxy S10 series was released in 2019, in order to take the lead in the 5g mobile phone market, Samsung released an independent 5g version, Galaxy S105G.

It has been pointed out that only Galaxy S11 and s11e of the three mobile phones have both 4G and 5g versions, while Samsung Galaxy S11 + will only provide 5g versions.


In recent two years, although Samsung's flagship camera performance is still stable in the first tier, from the current exposure of the news, the galaxy S11 series will bring some changes. There are many reports that Samsung Galaxy S11 series will adopt 100 million pixel isocell sensor and support 108 million photos straight out.

In low light environment, nine in one generates 12 million pixel photos, and the area of a single pixel increases from the past 0.8 μ m to 2.4 μ M. therefore, it will have better performance in image quality, noise reduction and dark light shooting.

At the same time, in terms of video shooting, there are foreign media that say the galaxy S11 series or support 8K video recording.


This year, due to the increase of screen size and the addition of 5g, the battery capacity of smart phones has generally increased, and almost all flagship phones are started with 4000mAh.

Even apple, which has always been "going its own way", has upgraded the battery specifications of the iPhone in an all-round way this year, and finally comes with a standard fast charging device.

It's not hard to see the importance of endurance for user experience. So next year, the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will also become a key upgrade.

It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will not only use a platform with higher energy efficiency ratio and a more energy-saving OLED screen, but also improve the battery capacity of mobile phones to enhance the endurance.

Among them, the minimum battery capacity of galaxy s11e is 3740 MAH (Samsung s10e battery is only 3100 MAH), that of Galaxy S11 is 4300 MAH (Samsung S10 is 3400 MAH), and that of Galaxy S11 + may even reach 5000 MAH.

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the body size, S11 series batteries or the next generation of protective module packaging technology.

one more thing

In 2019, Samsung launched the competition of folding screen smart phones with Galaxy fold. Now, Motorola, Microsoft and other mobile phone manufacturers have also entered folding screen.

And it is worth mentioning that although folding screen mobile phones are just starting, the designs adopted by different manufacturers are obviously different, which brings a new look to the homogenized smart phone industry.

It can be said that in 2019, the combination of folding screen and 5g successfully hit the hearts of high-end users and those who pursue cutting-edge technology.

Of course, on the other hand, we have to mention that there are still many imperfections in folding screens, including product reliability and application scenarios.

Therefore, from a certain point of view, the "early" listing of folding screen mobile phones also leaves enough time for developers to explore application development and use scenarios, so as to ensure that after the shipment volume of folding screen mobile phones reaches a certain scale, users can not only "fold down" when they get their mobile phones, but also play other ways. Back to Samsung, in the first quarter of next year, in addition to the galaxy S11 series, Samsung may release the next generation of folding screen phones - Galaxy fold 2.

According to the previously exposed information, the appearance of the galaxy fold 2 will only have "fine-tuning" compared with that of the early generation, such as the position of the notch on the inner screen.

However, as the "first folding screen mobile phone to complete the iteration", it is still worthy of attention, especially considering that Samsung may bring system and software upgrades.