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Razer launches Star Wars Stormtrooper customized Kraken headset

(via softmedia)

It is reported that the Razer Kraken stormtroper edition headset uses a 50 mm driver unit, which is suitable for video game players and compatible with PC, MAC, game console and mobile device platforms.

The headset can also provide a low and shocking 7.1 surround sound effect (Windows 10 64 bit only), which can provide precise positioning, so that players can easily identify the enemy's attack and defense, thus gaining a leading edge in the war.

To facilitate conversation, Razer Kraken also features a one-way retractable microphone that provides a clear recording experience during a call. Thanks to the improved cardioid microphone, Kraken is able to effectively suppress background noise during pickup. For wearing, Razer Kraken Stormtrooper Edition headset uses thick aluminum head hoops and cool gel ear pads to maximize comfort during long time play.

In addition, the headset has an embedded controller to adjust the volume and microphone, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. Star Wars fans are now able to shop for $110 (770 RMB / 120 euros).

Finally, as part of Stormtrooper's custom peripheral, Razer launched three other products, including the blackwide Lite keyboard, atheris mouse, and goliathus extended edition mouse pad.