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End all online sales and advertising? Yueke tmall flagship store is still available

On November 1, the official announcement of Yueke said: relx Yueke firmly supports and supports the circular on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of market supervision and administration. Yueke will put into full action to terminate all sales and advertisements of Yueke on the Internet. In the future, the offline channel layout will be improved under the guidance of relevant departments. But tmall's flagship store is still available for purchase and continues to push coupons and other activities to users.

The atmosphere is quite different from that of yesterday's double 11. Up to now, the official wechat mall of Yueke has been closed, and we have also consulted with customer service about after-sales and other related matters. Customer service said that users who bought on the front line can still enjoy the after-sales service promised by Yueke, and the specific handling plan has not yet been confirmed.

But on the contrary, Yueke tmall's flagship store doesn't seem to have plans to take off the shelves. It is still recommending the double 11 coupons to users, and the double 11 activities are still going on. When it comes to announcements and other issues, customer service avoids talking about them.

The following is the original text of Yueke announcement: