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Tesla pickup is on its way to the world's first show: super size Raptor with a range of nearly 1000

In July, Tesla CEO Jack musk said on overseas social media that they are improving the details of the Tesla pickup truck, and the real car may appear in the near future.

Recently, foreign media reported that Tesla electric pickup truck will be released in Los Angeles in November. In other words, this electric pickup truck, which is called cyberpunk by musk, is finally going to meet you.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, Tesla announced that it would build an electric pickup, but for various reasons, it could not hear its' car '. When model y was released in March, Tesla finally released the trailer of the electric pickup.

As mentioned by musk, the appearance of this pickup truck in the trailer is in favor of cyberpunk design style, but the information in the trailer is small, and only part of the body contour and highly recognizable through type lamp group design can be seen.

At the same time, musk also revealed that the Tesla electric pickup will be similar to the Ford Raptor F150, with a six seat layout and a range of 400-500 miles (650-805 kilometers, or even more). The new car will be equipped with double motor all wheel drive, four-wheel steering, full automatic driving, air suspension, etc. as standard, and the battery pack will still be arranged on the floor.

It is reported that the price of the car will not be higher than $50000. Foreign media have speculated that Tesla may release the car at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which starts on November 21, but no official response has been received from Tesla.