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Xiaomi development conference opens 5g + aiot empowers all things

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, said in the opening speech that the 5g era has opened and Xiaomi's development strategy in the next five years is mobile + aiot. Next year will be the first year of rapid development of 5g mobile phone market. Xiaomi has launched three 5g mobile phones this year, and will launch the first dual-mode 5g mobile phone in December this year. Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi will release at least 10 5g mobile phones next year, and Xiaomi will fully promote the research, development and promotion of 5g mobile phones. Lei Jun said that 5g + AI + IOT will form a super Internet different from the current mobile Internet, and these three basic technologies will make connection services everywhere. Xiaomi started the Internet of things program a few years ago, which has provided more than 2200 pieces of various devices for users. In the future, Xiaomi will target the next generation of super Internet, making 5g and aiot really become a part of public life.