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Li Guoqing: it's funny to be mean

On October 31, recently, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu, the founders of Dangdang, openly tore each other apart, and the two sides exploded black materials, causing the whole network to eat melon. Dangdang once called for a truce on Weibo, calling for Li Guoqing to "calm down the devil's impulse", but then Dangdang closed the shop reading books on Dangdang online in the morning and evening. In response, Li Guoqing said today that this kind of practice is overbearing and stingy.

In the morning and in the evening, the book published a statement on Weibo, accusing Dangdang of illegally closing the store. On October 25, Dangdang unilaterally shut down its online shop in the morning and evening after the official microblog called for a truce, the statement said. For Dangdang's breach of contract, we reserve the right to sue according to law.

As the CEO of reading in the morning and evening, Li Guoqing responded on Weibo today, disdaining Dangdang's practice. Li Guoqing said that the number of users that Dangdang store brings to reading in the morning and evening is poor, and our user experience will not be affected. However, when the shop is closed unilaterally, the shop will not be informed in advance. This kind of practice is domineering and stingy.

At present, Dangdang has not yet responded to the closure of the morning and evening reading shop.

It's been a week since Li Guoqing and Yu Yu tore each other apart. Many netizens found that in the whole event, Dangdang or the biggest winner, netizens joked, 'even the advertising budget of double 11 can be saved'. According to some data, the search index and app downloads of Dangdang have both skyrocketed recently, and the latter has even doubled six times.

On the morning of October 24, Dangdang official micro blog published a micro blog saying that "there is no dog blood in the store, only book fragrance", so that everyone can't miss the promotion of "store opening". On October 25, the official wechat issued an open letter to Li Guoqing calling for a truce. In terms of the number of likes, comments and forwards, these two microblogs have reached a new high of in the near future.

On the other hand, Li Guoqing's early and late reading of the entrepreneurship project after he left the current day also attracted the attention of netizens. Surprisingly, Li Guoqing is the smallest shareholder in Tianjin wanjuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., the main company of reading in the morning and evening.

However, with the negative news enthusiasm of the founders, can reading in the morning and in the evening really turn against the wind?