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The most expensive 5g package is 599 yuan. Three major operators announce the G tariff

Original title: 5g package costs 599 yuan at most, three major operators' 5g tariff exposure

The 5g package charge expected by all the people of has finally been announced, so what's the charge standard of 5g package? It's reported that the most expensive 5g package is 599 yuan per month. Can you afford such an expensive charge? If you want to experience 5g network, you will shrink back when you see this charge.

5g package since 5g mobile phone launched, the majority of users can't wait to experience the speed of 5g network, but because the 5g package charge is still not announced, everyone is looking forward to it. Now the package is finally announced, but the charge makes the users step back.

Just now, the first 5g package in China was officially announced. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom opened the door of 5g commercial era at the same time. The starting prices of the three packages are 128 yuan, 129 yuan and 129 yuan respectively, including 5g traffic and voice duration.

From tomorrow, these packages will be put into use. At present, the three major operators offer experience prices of 70% and 80% to old users for half a year, as well as additional purchase discounts. This time, the three major operators all adopt the mode of "no card change, no number change", but if there is a 4G related contract package before, it can be used only after the end. Meanwhile, 5g network can be used, but 4G package resources are consumed.

In the previous link of reservation, there are already carriers with beautiful numbers beginning with 198888 that have been lost in seconds! It is said that the application conditions are: pre deposit telephone fee of 1000-5000 yuan, contract period of 10-15 years, and monthly minimum consumption of 198-298 yuan.

The appearance of 5g package means that 5g network has a complete commercial system. The following question is, do you want to change 5g mobile phone immediately? What is the price performance ratio of 5g package in China? How to choose 5g package?

5g tariff exposure of three major operators

China Mobile: starting at 128 yuan, the most expensive is 598 yuan.

In addition, China Mobile launched the 5g package Family Edition, which is divided into 169 yuan, 269 yuan, 369 yuan, 569 yuan and 869 yuan per month, with traffic ranging from 30GB to 300gb. Broadband speeds range from 100m to 1000m, depending on the package rate.

China Telecom: it's divided into seven categories, the most expensive is 599 yuan.

In addition, China Telecom also launched 5g Gold members, which is similar to the family package of mobile, plus broadband services. For example, a gold member of 169 yuan can use a 300m broadband in addition to 40 Gb of domestic traffic and 800 minutes of domestic calls.

China Unicom: starting at 129 yuan, the most expensive is 599 yuan, exceeding the traffic by 3 yuan / GB.

It is worth mentioning that operators will treat 5g network peak rate differently according to different packages. In short, the package price is high and the peak network speed enjoyed is also high.

For example, China Mobile divides 5g package into basic, excellent and fast services, that is, general customers enjoy 5g basic services by default, and customers whose traffic package is greater than 20g but less than or equal to 60g can enjoy higher network rate and 5g priority service of priority network access; the package contains 5g top speed service and 5g top speed service of priority network access for customers who exceed 60g.

From the network speed exposed before, even for basic services, 300mbps has exceeded the theoretical peak network speed of 4G, and 500mbps and 1Gbps have far exceeded the theoretical peak network speed of 4G +. Therefore, only from the aspect of network speed, the basic network speed is enough when 5g new application has not been implemented on a large scale.