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IPhone 11 successfully priced in China, 3 5g phones will be launched next year

Original title: iPhone 11 priced successfully in China, starting at 5499 yuan

With the rapid upgrading of mobile phones, most people want to buy new mobile phones. The iPhone is the favorite mobile phone of Apple fans. Of course, there are many different series of iPhones with different prices. Recently, it was reported that the pricing of iPhone 11 in China is successful. What is the specific situation?

Different mobile phones have their own characteristics. Now many people have higher and higher requirements for mobile phones. In addition to the performance and configuration of mobile phones, the price of this mobile phone is what more people care about. The price of iPhone 11 is set at 5499 yuan. Do you have any purchase?

On October 31, it was reported that in the early morning of Beijing time, Apple CEO Cook said that the pricing strategy of iPhone 11 in China was successful. Cook talked about a 'very, very good start' to the iPhone 11 launch. He believes the iPhone 11 pricing strategy has proved successful, especially in China. The iPhone 11 starts at 5499 yuan, 1000 yuan less than last year's opening price for the iPhone's XRS.

Apple released its fourth quarter results for fiscal 2019 on October 31. According to the report, Apple's fourth quarter revenue was $64.04 billion, up 2% from $62.900 billion in the same period last year. Meanwhile, Greater China's revenue was $11.134 billion, down 2% from $11.411 billion in the same period last year.

The financial statement has greatly exceeded Wall Street's expectations, but only two weeks after the launch of the iPhone 11 series, it does not fully reflect the impact of the new iPhone on the company's revenue. Whether the iPhone 11 series really promotes the company's profitability, we need to continue to pay attention to the financial statements in 2020 to draw a conclusion.