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Online shopping in the shopping Carnival

Original title: what tricks should we pay attention to in shopping carnival?

Four seas online news, tomorrow is November, I believe everyone will know, after all, after entering November, we are most concerned about the double 11 Shopping Festival, with the arrival of the double 11 shopping carnival, scams will also appear.

Double 11 is coming, which is also a good news for our consumers, because it will be cheaper to buy goods on double 11. However, we also need to guard against deception, because double 11 deception will appear. Come and have a look.

The price of goods should be raised first and then reduced. This should be the favorite thing for the store. We are going to hold activities for the double 11. We will first raise the price and offer discounts. Usually, the price raised by the store should be higher than that sold normally. Double 11 offers a discount. The price may be the same as that sold normally, or it may be more expensive than that sold normally. Looking at so many discounts, I thought I made money when I bought them, but I didn't.

Free deception of goods, many businesses will say to double 11 that they are engaged in activities and free delivery of products. They only need to pay their own postage. A free item may be taken home for free as long as you pay 20 or 30 yuan for postage. When you take it home, you may find that this product may not be as high as your postage.

Friends pay scam, many products of double 11 are rush to buy, seckill and so on. Liars may also pretend to be relatives and friends through chat tools to help you pay for them, after all, double 11, after all, double 11! So busy, shopping so crazy, it's normal to find friends to pay for them, but it's possible that liars are looking for you to pay for them.

When it comes to payment scams, most people are now in the habit of online shopping. During the period of double 11, cheaters may also use buyers to buy things on the Internet. They will give you a pay as you go product and ask you to pay for it. They won't let you unpack it to see. Maybe you don't remember whether you have bought the pay as you go product and think about the order placed by friends, or whether it's not expensive or not It's curiosity. There may be nothing in the payment.

Winning fraud, which is often heard, but still a lot of people are cheated. In the boom of online shopping on double 11, a lot of cheaters will text you in the name of the business, saying that you won the prize, and you can get a free gift with a link behind it, which is very realistic and makes you feel that you have to believe. If it's a fraud, you can usually click the link to your mobile phone's information It's all stolen.