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How much speed do you have without 5g? Unicom: within 300mbps

In two days, 5g in China will be officially put into operation. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have more than 10 million 5g subscribers. The 5g package costs of three operators are not cheap. From the minimum of 12 yuan, the high-end package can reach 600 yuan.

To enjoy the high-speed experience of 5g era, it is necessary to buy a 5g mobile phone, but if the user thinks 5g package is too expensive and doesn't want to order 5g package now, how much network speed is left? There is no doubt that operators will limit the network speed of non 5g service users, the key is how much.

According to China Unicom's 5g package description page, Unicom users who do not order 5g service can use the maximum 300mbps rate, which is simply that 5g network speed limit on non 5g users will be 300mbps (Note: 300mbps network speed is actually the speed that 4G LTE carrier aggregation can achieve, but this is only in theory, 4G commercial is not so fast).

This sounds OK, but Unicom also made it clear that if the base station load is too large, the experience of these non 5g users cannot be guaranteed first. If you want to use a faster and more stable network, you are recommended to apply for 5g package.

Of course, even if the 5g package is handled, the 5g services of the three major operators are classified. For example, the 5g package with the price of 199 yuan or less for China Unicom and China Telecom is limited to 500mbps, the 5g package with the price of 299 yuan or more can reach 1Gbps, while the network speed of 128 yuan and 198 yuan for China Mobile is 500mbps, while the 5g package with the price of 298 yuan or more can reach 1Gbps.