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15-year-old youngest scientist at the World Congress of scientists

Original title: 15-year-old Chinese girl attends the world top scientist Conference! What were you doing when you were 15 years old?

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#15 year old female attends the world top scientists Conference#

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The second world top scientists conference was held in Shanghai,

Young scientists were invited to the conference.

Most of them were born in 2001-2004,

The youngest of them is

I'm reading a talk about Fang Lin in grade one,

He was only 15 years old.

Her research results are

The estimation of Fibonacci series and bezu number.

Fang Lin, a beautiful looking woman, listened carefully at the meeting, holding her fists in her hands and resting them on her cheek & hellip; & hellip; seemed to be no different from the girls in high school who listened carefully.

However, the scientific research achievements of this "ordinary" girl are not ordinary at all. Now she is only 15 years old. As early as in junior high school, she won the first prize and special prize of the 33rd National Youth Science and technology innovation competition, the chairman prize (the only prize for junior high school students) and the first prize by virtue of the subject "fiboracci number series and bezu number estimation".

For the first time, her research project established the connection between fiboracci number series and bezu number. As an application, it solves the problem of estimating the best upper and lower bounds of the bezu number, and improves a rough estimation formula given by Canadian mathematician Professor Rankin in 2013 in the American Mathematics monthly.

Ha? Become a scientist at the age of 15?

Netizen: I can't understand the research name & hellip;

@SHEREMET: liberal arts students kneel. I feel like they haven't touched mathematics for hundreds of years. I just asked my mother what letter stands for perimeter

@Why this one: I know the two words "number sequence"

@I don't like the world. 1. I don't like you either: I read it several times before reading it

@Liu Xiaoyu's poem: it's all Chinese and numbers. I can't understand them when I put them together, as if I have a problem with my head

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Don't turn around, don't show it to my mother

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It's good to think about that time when I was a child. I can be 'whimsical'

Do you remember when you were 15?

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So what were you doing when you were 15?