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Sony Q2 has a revenue of 19.5 billion and plans to invest 900 million dollars to produce image senso

Sony, the Japanese electronics maker, will invest in a new factory in Nagasaki county to produce semiconductor image sensors for smart phone cameras, Japanese media reported. The company aims to meet the growing demand for high-end cameras in consumer electronics equipment, especially the new market opportunities brought by ultra-high speed 5g network.

On October 30, Sony released its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2019 as of September 30. According to the financial report, Sony's second quarter revenue was 2.1223 trillion yen (about 19.502 billion US dollars), down 3% from 2.1828 trillion yen in the same period of last year; the net profit attributable to Sony's shareholders was 187.9 billion days (about 1.727 billion US dollars), up 9% from 173 billion yen in the same period of last year.

Sony plans to allocate 100 billion yen (US $918 million) to sensor projects in its budget for the next fiscal year, and put the plant into operation as soon as possible in the fiscal year starting in April 2021.

It will be the company's first new semiconductor plant in five years. Sony expects the image sensor market to continue to grow as smartphone manufacturers equip their products with increasingly sophisticated cameras. Sony Corp believes that the demand for image sensors will also be enhanced as the next generation of 5G networks becomes more extensive, and the use of autopilot and factory automation starts.

Last year, Sony was the world's largest image sensor manufacturer with a 50% market share. It aims to increase its global share to 60% by 2025 with new plants. Samsung Electronics, a competitor with a 20% share of the global image sensor market, is also expanding its investment and production capacity.

With some recent uncertainties in Global trade, Sony hopes that its new plant in Japan will give it more flexibility to cope with changes in key markets such as the US and China.

Sony's factory covers an area of about 7000 square meters and is located next to one of Sony's existing factories in Nagasaki Prefecture, southwest Japan. The new factory will produce metal oxide semiconductor image sensors for smartphones.