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Live broadcast on Mount Fuji, falling in the middle, missing netizens witness the whole process

Original title: man's live broadcast on Mount Fuji falls in the middle and missing netizens watch it all the way

According to the latest news of Japanese media, a Japanese man accidentally slipped from the top of Mount Fuji while climbing live, then the live broadcast was interrupted, and the whereabouts of the man was unknown. After receiving the alarm from the netizens watching the live broadcast, the police immediately sent helicopters to the rescue, but so far no trace of the man has been found. After the accident, many netizens said they watched the live broadcast and said that the situation at that time was' very dangerous'.

Japan's TBS television quoted a statement from the Japanese royal palace police station on the 29th as saying that the police received an alarm from a netizen on the 28th who said he "found a man sliding from the top of Fuji mountain while watching the live broadcast". Police immediately dispatched helicopters to Mount Fuji and found signs of someone sliding near the top of the mountain.

According to police, the man climbed to the top of Mount Fuji at about 14 p.m. local time on the 28th, and broadcast the process of climbing live through the camera. According to the live video, the man suddenly slipped from the top of the mountain in the middle of the live broadcast, and this scene was also photographed by the camera hanging on his neck. The sound of the man 'slipping in the snow' can also be clearly heard in the video.

According to the report, the live broadcast continued when the man fell down the mountain. Many netizens who were watching the live broadcast sent out comments such as' ah! 'and' danger! 'in the live broadcast, but then the live broadcast was interrupted and the man's whereabouts were unknown. According to the police, starting at about 15 p.m., local police received a notice from several netizens, and then sent helicopters to Fuji mountain to search, but as of the 30th, no trace of the man was found, and the search and rescue is still in progress.

After the accident, some netizens said, "fortunately, the man was on the air at that time, or it would be more difficult to be found.". But many netizens who watched the live broadcast said that the man should not go climbing in such a dangerous time, and said that the situation at that time was' really very scary, very dangerous'.

According to the all Japan news network, Mount Fuji had snow on October 16 and entered the 'winter mountain period' on October 22.