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Li Jiaqi's live show of turning over the car and not sticking the pot

Original title: Li Jiaqi's live roll over non stick pot is more sticky than ordinary pot

There are two types of online red tape products in the broad sense of Sihai online news. One is that traditional stars speak for some products or share their own experiences. The same type of star product is likely to become the latest popular trend and obtain a large sales volume. Generally speaking, online red tape is another kind of online red tape, which is famous for selling live goods on e-commerce platform, short video platform, etc.

Li Jiaqi is the most famous online lipstick with goods. He has the title of "brother lipstick". On the double 11 day of 2018, Li Jiaqi and Ma Yun were on Taobao live to sell lipsticks. Li Jiaqi created five minutes and sold 15000 lipsticks. In five and a half hours, she brought 3.53 million goods and created the myth of the live broadcast industry. Ma Yun felt inferior. Li Jiaqi has occupied the stability of brother lipstick ever since Position.

But recently, Li Jiaqi's live broadcast has gone wrong. When he brought some non stick pot, his assistant beat the eggs in the hot pot. At this time, the pot was filled with oil. As a result, the eggs were stuck everywhere in the pot.

Although it is likely that there is no oil in the egg stick pot, it is reasonable to say that the egg stick pot will not stick without oil, so some people question the quality of the goods Li Jiaqi brought. With the rise of carrying goods mode, the quality and after-sales problems of the products, even the true and false problems of netred, are gradually emerging, causing concern.

Although Li Jiaqi has many successful Amway products, after all, he earns money by taking goods with him. No matter what is good or bad, we should polish our eyes!