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Buy 26 barrels of oil before decoration and send it to the neighbors as a special gift to apologize

Original title: China's good neighbor! Couple bought 26 barrels of oil to send to neighbors before decorating their house and left an apology note: Excuse me, on October 24, a couple in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, knocked on the door of their new unit neighbor door to door, delivering a bucket of cooking oil to 26 neighbors, and a note with the words "decoration, influence, apology, understanding" was pasted on it. On October 28, Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star News reporter contacted the couple. They were new residents. They wanted to decorate their houses. Noise and dust would affect their neighbors. So they apologized for this. In this way, they hoped to get their neighbors' understanding and know their new neighbors. In the neighborhood's circle of friends, the couple are also praised as' good Chinese neighbors'.

New things:

Main decoration houses of Xinye

Buy 26 barrels of cooking oil to send to neighbors

Liu Wei, who is in his 30s, is from Chengdu. His wife is a teacher of Southwest University of science and technology. He also worked in Mianyang in 2014. This year, the couple bought a house at No.1, 11th floor, the top floor of the unit, in the hope Dijing community of Mianyang City, and started decoration last week.

On October 24, before the house was decorated, Liu Wei and his wife went to the supermarket to buy 26 barrels of edible oil, more than 70 yuan per barrel. They first moved the edible oil to their home, then carried the edible oil, first knocked on the No.2 neighbor on the 11th floor, and sent the edible oil to the neighbor. Later, they carried cooking oil from top to bottom, knocking on the door and delivering oil from door to door.

'this is an old community. The residents have lived for at least ten years before we bought the house. Now we are decorating. Noise, dust and vibration, including the use of elevators, will definitely affect the lives of the neighbors. So before the decoration, our husband and wife thought for a long time, and began to think about delivering fruit and milk, but finally chose edible oil, because every family needs it. On October 28, Liu Wei told Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star news that after statistics, there were 27 households in the unit, so they bought 26 barrels of cooking oil and gave it to their neighbors in hope of their understanding.

Old tenants:

It's understandable to buy a house and decorate it

They are so polite

On the morning of October 28, Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star News reporter came to wish Dijing community. In Liu Wei's unit, there were workers pushing construction waste in and out, and there were voices of electric drills from time to time. In Liu Wei's home, the workers were carrying out decoration work.

Liao is the owner of No. 2, 11th floor. She was also the first to see Liu Wei and his wife. At that time, Liu Wei and his wife came to knock on the door, carrying cooking oil. They first introduced themselves and said that they would be renovated soon, which would cause noise and affect the lives of their neighbors. In order to apologize, they prepared a small gift, hoping to get understanding.

The reporter found that there was a note on the cooking oil delivered by Liu Wei and his wife, which said: 'Dear neighbor, Hello! I'm a resident of 1101, and I'm very happy to be your new neighbor. From now on, we will carry out the decoration. Although we will carry out the construction in strict accordance with the time stipulated by the state, the noise, dust and vibration during the decoration will still have a certain impact on you. We apologize for this. Small gift, no respect, hope to get your understanding. Thank you! The note was signed as' your new neighbor 1101 resident and all the decorators'.

'they bought the house for decoration, which is reasonable. As long as we can understand it within the specified time, they are very polite. We pushed for a long time, but they insisted on us taking it. 'said Sister Liao.

During a field visit by Chengdu Business Daily Red Star News reporter, many neighbors said that Liu Wei and his wife were very polite. They brought edible oil to everyone, and the noise and dust of decoration did have an impact on everyone's life, but it was also appropriate to buy a house for decoration. And they are so modest and polite, especially in cooking oil with warm notes. 'said the neighbours.

New owner:

Some neighbors seem to be on guard

But most of it is passionate

Mr. Peng is also the owner of Liu Wei's unit. After receiving the cooking oil, he took a picture and sent it to his friend circle, and praised the new neighbor's behavior. In his circle of friends, many people call this new neighbor "China's good neighbor".

On October 28, when the reporter contacted Liu Wei and his wife, they were also embarrassed about their neighbors' praise and thought it was what they should do. Liu Wei told reporters that in the morning, they knocked door-to-door to deliver cooking oil. Some of their neighbors were not at home, so they went again in the evening. Finally, there were three or four neighbors not at home. Because they had to go to work, they gave the cooking oil to the property and asked them to help them deliver it.

'to send cooking oil to the neighbors, on the one hand, is to apologize for the impact of the decoration on their lives, on the other hand, to know the neighbors. Now, many neighbors who live in one unit or one community can't greet each other when they meet, let alone know each other. In this way, I think I can also know each other's neighbors. Liu Wei introduced that in the contact with neighbors, he found that some neighbors seem to be vigilant, 'but most of the neighbors are warm and understanding. In this way, I can also find that at least some neighbors can become good friends later. '