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The paid study room has become a hot spot for many postgraduate candidates to "punch in"

Original title: is it worth spending money to shut yourself up in the "black house" in the paid study room

On the morning of the 28th, reported that "the minimum charge for self-study room is 28 yuan a day" on the hot microblog search list. Recently, the paid study room in Changsha attracted the public. Nearly 200 square meters of study rooms are divided into independent study areas, immersion areas, light picking areas and research areas that can be discussed in a low voice. The minimum charge for working days is 28 yuan a day. MS Peng, the director, said the inspiration came from the Korean drama "please answer 1988".

In the popular Korean drama "please answer 1988" in 2015, the heroine often goes to the study room near her home. In the self-study room of the film and TV series, everyone has their own independent space. There are simple bookshelves for learning materials, which are quiet and comfortable.

Reporter search found that in Wuhan, Nanjing, Xi'an and other places there are similar paid self-study rooms. Searching Wuhan 'self study room' in public comments can find more than 20 information of self study room shops, which are distributed in three towns of Wuhan, most of them are located in the vicinity of Wuhan Guangzhou Business District, Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, jiedaokou, Hanjie, Guanggu and other bustling commercial bodies, including many 'self study room chain stores'. The billing method is based on hours, days, weeks and months, or even on an annual basis. The price of a day's self-study varies from a few yuan experience price to about 50 yuan.

In Luoyang, Henan Province, there are free 'city study' in every district, which can be accessed by swiping ID card and providing free drinking water and charging facilities. Since 2017, Luoyang has comprehensively promoted the construction of urban study, focusing on building a '15 minute reading circle'. As of January 7, 2019, there are 110 urban study rooms in Luoyang.

Some netizens think it's very good. It's a bit similar to the meaning of "books can't be read without borrowing". It not only creates a good learning environment, but also makes it easy to bring people of the same aspiration together to improve the efficiency of learning. "Adults need such a place to learn" spend money and always force themselves to learn back ".

Some netizens also think that "children who really study are regardless of place and time". The hostess in "please answer 1988" sleeps in the study room every day. Some netizens think that where the learning efficiency is high depends on people. Some people 'can study for 10 hours at home, but can't sit in the library for a while'. There are also those who think 'public libraries without money' are great.