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Airpods8 new colors or a new rush

Original title: want to rush again? Airpods will have 8 kinds of color matching hot midnight green arrangement

If the hearsay of eight colors of airpods is true, it is foreseeable that there will be another wave of rush buying in the domestic market.

Recently, it has been reported that Apple's next generation of airpods, which many call "airpods Pro", may have up to eight new colors, including white, black and midnight green. According to a report in the economic daily, these colors will be comparable to the iPhone 11 Pro model.

The report also claims that the airpods Pro will have active noise reduction and water-proof features. This is also consistent with an icon in IOS 13.2 beta, which depicts in ear airpods with rubber tips.

The airpods Pro will be released as early as next week, the Economic Daily reported. This will enable it to catch up with this year's holiday shopping season in time.

As these airpods Pro may have active noise reduction and better sound quality, you can expect higher prices, starting at around $259. That would cost $100 more than airpods, which currently use wired charging boxes. But the price is only based on the estimates given in the supply chain report.

Despite these reports, many people have reservations about it. The economic daily previously reported that Apple plans to launch black airpods, but the second generation is still only white.

Mark gurman of Bloomberg did say that Apple plans to release the second generation of airpods in 2018, but the plan was delayed. With this in mind, the third generation of airpods Pro may be available in black and other colors.

Airpods Pro may only be brought in one stroke at the next Apple launch, or it will be released at an event in March 2020. Apple may also hold a big event in November.