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HTC wants to play emotion card? Intention to launch a classic replica mobile phone

Recently, drew Bamford, head of HTC's creative lab, tweeted to ask which HTC classic mobile phone users would like to rebuild with existing technology. From this point of view, HTC also wants to play the emotion card, and intends to launch classic replica products.

Today's smartphone market seems to be blowing a wave of re carving. Since HMD global took over Nokia, it has rebuilt a series of re carving products of classic function phones with existing technology. Earlier, Motorola redesigned and launched a new Razr fold screen mobile phone based on Razr v3.

It is reported that Wang Xuehong, chairman of HTC, stressed that HTC will continue to work in the mobile phone market in the future, focus on 5g mobile phone market competition, and enter the layout and development of developed countries with high GDP. After contacting drew Bamford, HTC is likely to wake up users' support for HTC and open up new user markets by launching classic replica phones.

If HTC really intends to build a classic replica mobile phone, then the classic products, including the windows mobile phone HTC Touch launched in 2007, the HTC one X designed with a large-scale screen integrated polycarbonate body, and so on, are likely to become the objects of reconstruction.