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New Zealand operator spark: we not only use Huawei 5g equipment, but also put it on the first choice

On November 18, according to HC, spark, a New Zealand telecom operator giant, said it would not only use Huawei 5g equipment, but also list Huawei as one of the top three preferred suppliers in its list of multi equipment suppliers. Foreign media reported that spark said it had cooperated with Nokia with the approval of the New Zealand government and listed Samsung Huawei as a supplier, but did not submit an application list for the use of the latter two devices.

It is reported that in November last year, the New Zealand Communications Security Agency suddenly opposed spark Telecom, a New Zealand telecom service provider, to use 5g equipment of Huawei, China, for the so-called national security risk. In April, New Zealand Prime Minister Adrian told CCTV reporter @ shuijunyi in an exclusive interview that New Zealand did not ban Huawei 5g and would not change its national policy due to the influence of the United States.