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How to deal with etc for Beijing truck etc online?

We learned from the media that Beijing began to issue etc for freight cars on November 15. Users can apply for etc equipment online and offline.

It is of great significance to cancel provincial toll stations for improving traffic efficiency and reducing social logistics cost. The prerequisite for the cancellation of provincial toll stations is the comprehensive promotion and popularization of etc. With the approaching of the year, etc's promotion and distribution task has also entered the critical stage.

In terms of promotion of etc, Beijing municipal government adheres to the principle of "government guidance, market leading and extensive participation". At present, it has completed 96.52% of the annual promotion and distribution tasks, ranking first in China.

The electronic toll collection based on ETC system has obvious advantages over the traditional manual toll collection. Some data show that it takes an average of 14 seconds for a car to pass through a manual passage, while it only takes 3 seconds for a car to pay by etc without stopping, so the traffic efficiency of a car using etc is significantly improved.

However, compared with the promotion of private car etc, the promotion of truck etc's non parking payment is significantly slower. It is important to know that 60% of the toll on the highway is paid by trucks, so etc is more meaningful for trucks.

According to the planning and deployment, the next step in Beijing will be to comprehensively promote truck etc services. The new etc equipment is also different from the traditional stored value etc card. The etc card of freight car adopts the issuing mode of account card, and the owner of freight car can enjoy the account service when passing through the toll station, that is, the mode of passing first and paying later. This kind of charging method not only realizes the function of non parking payment of freight cars, but also relieves the pressure of occupying a large amount of funds in the owner's stored value card.

In addition, according to the planning and deployment of the Ministry of transport, trucks will still pay for passage through artificial channels before the end of this year. After the switch of etc gantry system on January 1, 2020, the trucks installed with etc can drive in the special channel of etc trucks, realize the function of no parking payment, and enjoy the preferential policy of no less than 5% of the toll. At that time, trucks without etc vehicle mounted devices (including etc single card users) will not be able to enjoy the preferential policies.

In terms of the application for etc of freight cars, the distribution and promotion organizations are also very humanized. Users can apply online on the platform of "lesiton etc" wechat applet and "lesiton app". At the same time, users can also handle on-site through the financial institutions such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Huaxia Bank, etc., which can be used after installation, with high efficiency.

At present, when dealing with etc account, it is no longer required to deal with it for the owner himself. The user can apply for any vehicle, but only one etc account can be bound to a vehicle. Individual customers need to provide the original of ID card and vehicle driving license; unit customers need to provide the introduction letter of the unit, the copy of organization code or the copy of business license with official seal, the original of ID card of the operator, the original of vehicle driving license and other documents.