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The dreamlike appearance of Samsung S11: it's really excellent to see all screens at one glance

Recently, there are more news about the new S11 of Samsung. It is reported that Samsung will release the new S11 in March next year. From the rendering of online exposure, Samsung S11 will continue its own "infinity-o" drilling design, but it will be placed in the center of the screen. Moreover, the earpiece above has also been made into a hidden design, raising the screen share to an unprecedented height. According to the current exposure information, S11 has four lenses on the back, which are wide-angle lens, super wide-angle lens, 5x zoom lens and depth of field lens; the hardware part will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 865 / exynos 9830 processor; the front side will be equipped with the same type of hole digging lens of note10 series. Such a top flagship is worth looking forward to.