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The tip of the needle is better than that of Huawei's mate x 5g

It can be seen that the trend of folding screen led by Samsung to explore the form of smart phones in the future will soon spread across the world. In the future, more and more manufacturers and supply chain manufacturers will join in, and finally more users will feel the powerful experience brought by folding screen smart phones.

Friendly tip: the third batch of Samsung Galaxy fold will also be sold on major mainstream e-commerce platforms including Samsung E-commerce mall on November 16. Interested users may pay attention to it. Although the price of 15999 yuan is a little expensive, there are real black technology products worth spending more money to purchase.

In addition, Samsung is obviously much better than Huawei in terms of its ability to stock and supply Galaxy fold, which is sold globally. According to the statistics of relevant organizations, at present, the overall shipment volume of Samsung Galaxy fold has exceeded 500000, which alone is enough to lead Huawei.

So what's the difference between Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei mate X in terms of experience? Let's have a brief introduction.

Different design concepts Samsung Galaxy fold protects the flexible screen more

Although they are all folding screen mobile phones, Samsung and Huawei have adopted two completely different folding screen solutions. Samsung Galaxy folder adopts the fold in design, while Huawei mate x adopts the fold out design. Strictly speaking, Samsung Galaxy fold actually consists of two screens. Before folding, it was a 4.6-inch super AMOLED screen. After unfolding, it was another 7.3-inch super sensitive flexible folding screen. The most advanced folding screen technology was adopted. Polyimide film was used to replace glass material on the folding screen to ensure that the screen itself has good flexibility and reliability Sex. In contrast, Huawei mate x is equipped with an entire 8-inch large screen, which is folded and unfolded by an eagle wing hinge. Although the screen of Huawei mate X has more display impact, the core problem is that the design of folding out reduces the protection of the screen itself a lot, especially in the folded state, the front and back screens are exposed outside, and at present, this design can not effectively protect the screen itself with the protective shell, which is easy to leave scratches in daily use It's why Samsung finally chose to adopt the fold in design. In daily operation, the front small screen can be used instead of unfolding the screen. At the same time, the expensive flexible folding screen can be well protected, and the protective shell can be worn to further protect the whole body.

Core configuration: Xiaolong 855 + 12 / 512gb storage benchmarking Kirin 980 + 8 / 512gb storage

In terms of core hardware configuration, Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei mate X are both the top-level configurations at present. Samsung Galaxy fold uses the Xiaolong 855 processor, plus 12 + 512gb of storage, while Huawei mate x uses Kirin 980 processor, plus 8 + 512gb of storage.

As for the performance and experience comparison of the two SOCS, Xiaolong 855 and Qilin 980, there have been many comparative experience evaluations before. In terms of comprehensive experience, Xiaolong 855 platform still has a slight advantage, and Samsung Galaxy fold is also equipped with the industry's highest 12gb running memory to ensure the smooth experience of the whole machine. Of course, the relative advantage of Huawei mate x is that it supports 5g, but it is realized by the baseband chip of Baron 5000, rather than integrated in SoC like Kirin 990.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy fold innovatively equipped with a 6-camera combination. There are three lenses on the back of the fuselage, two on the inside of the fuselage and one in the front of the fuselage. The rear three camera parameters are 16 million pixels super wide angle (120 degrees, f2.2) + 12 million pixels long focus (F2.4) + 12 million pixels wide angle (F2.4). The main camera supports dual core focusing, optical anti shake and variable aperture power Yes, a single camera with 10 megapixel self shot (f2.2) directly above the fuselage is closed, and two cameras with 10 megapixel + 8 megapixel dual shot (f2.2 + f1.9) inside the fuselage are opened.

Huawei mate x uses a super sensitive 40 megapixel Leica four camera combination, which is 40 megapixel main camera + 16 megapixel super wide angle lens + 8 megapixel long focal lens and a 3D depth of field imagination head. Because of the fold out design, Huawei removed the front lens this time.

From the perspective of shooting experience, they are relatively the highest configuration, and the overall experience is very guaranteed. But the problem is that if Huawei mate x needs to turn on the operation under the scenes such as self filming or wechat video, it will be more complicated. It needs to switch the phone manually and then turn it over. However, Samsung Galaxy fold can turn on the front lens as fast as ordinary mobile phones in the unfolding or folding state. Finally, it needs to be mentioned that the 7.3-inch large screen of Samsung Galaxy fold brings not only excellent visual experience, but also ease in multitasking processing. It can open and run up to three applications at the same time, truly realize the same screen multitasking processing similar to PC, greatly improving work efficiency. In contrast, Huawei mate x can only open two applications at the same time in the 8-inch large screen after deployment.