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Samsung Galaxy a50s evaluation: 7.7mm light and thin body with 4000mAh large battery

In recent years, with the growing up of domestic mobile phone brands, especially in the middle market with a larger user base, domestic mobile phones rapidly occupy the vast market space with its high cost performance. Faced with this situation, the former king will not let go easily. Since last year, Samsung has significantly increased its investment in the galaxy a series of mid-range product lines. Especially since this year, Samsung has successively launched a number of models including Galaxy a40s, Galaxy A60, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A80 and the first 5g mobile phone Galaxy a905g of series a, covering all levels of high, medium and low. With the support of many new technologies and competitive prices, Samsung has won It is favored by many consumers.

With the end of the year approaching, Samsung is still not ready to shut down the hot engine. On November 1, Samsung launched a new galaxy a50s for young users with a young mindset and following the fashion trend, and launched a first sale in the domestic market. The price is only 1999 yuan, which is very cost-effective. In the face of the end of the year, what are the unique advantages of the machine? Can it win the battle among many domestic cost-effective new machines? Let's explore it together.

Gorgeous u screen shows youth vitality

As a mid-range high-value fashionable mobile phone for young users with young mentality and following the fashion trend, the Samsung Galaxy a50s is equipped with a new gorgeous u-screen and rich color matching, which not only brings rich visual experience, but also highlights the youth vitality of young people.

On the front of the fuselage, the galaxy a50s uses a 6.4-inch FHD + Super AMOLED water drop screen with a resolution of 2340 & times; 1080 and a screen ratio of 19.5:9, which brings users a more immersive viewing experience in games, watching videos, multitasking, browsing, etc.

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy a50s supports the fingerprint recognition technology under the optical screen, with faster unlocking speed, significantly improved security and convenience.

Although the chin of the machine has a certain width, the width of the other three sides is well controlled, and the overall screen share can still bring a good sense of visual immersion, which is a good level in the mid-range model.

At the back of the fuselage, the Samsung Galaxy a50s is also quite amazing this time. The machine provides prism black, high light white and geometric green colors with three high color values. What I have in my hand is a high light white version, which uses a unique digital fantasy inspiration and a 3D glass texture of the fuselage back shell, so that the fuselage has a fashionable prism effect, and can emit brilliant colors according to the light, which is very fresh and bright 。

In addition, the machine has a 7.7mm ultra-thin body and a smooth surface treatment, and in such a thin body, a 3.5mm headphone jack is reserved, supporting the type-C interface, which ensures a good use experience and makes the whole machine light and comfortable.

Exynos 9611 creates a new experience of game entertainment

In terms of hardware configuration, Samsung Galaxy a50s will not do the same. This machine is equipped with a new exynos 9611 processor, which is similar to the Qualcomm snapdragon 730 in performance, supplemented by 6GB storage and 128GB body storage, which can meet the user's use needs well. It is not a problem to deal with daily learning, work, life and entertainment.

Next, the author uses rabbit, geek bench 4 and other performance testing software to test the running points of the machine.

According to the test results, the running score of the Angora rabbit of Samsung Galaxy a50s is 163808, the single core score of geekbench4 is 1670, and the multi-core score is 5402. All the running score data belong to the better level of the current smart phones at the same price, so that the Qianyuan machine can also achieve a happy experience.

In the actual game performance test, we use the most popular and demanding large-scale mobile game "peace elite" to test the game performance of the machine. In the game, at present, the highest support of the machine is to set the picture quality to 'HD', and the frame number to 'high', so as to test the game performance of the machine.

In a large-scale mobile game like Jedi survival: peace elite, thanks to the support of the new exynos 9611 processor, the fluency and rendering ability of the machine are relatively good. No matter the characters, plants or buildings, the detail rendering can meet the daily basic game needs. There is basically no Karton phenomenon in the whole process, and the operation is very stable.

48 million multi-functional AI three shots at the back show the ultimate shooting experience

In terms of photographing, the Samsung Galaxy a50s is a triple camera module composed of 48 million pixels main camera + 8 million pixels 123 & deg; super wide angle lens + 500 pixels virtual lens, with 32 million pixels camera in front. In the current Android mobile phones, this kind of photo configuration is pretty good.

If you don't say much, let's go straight to the sample.

Day samples:

In the case of sufficient light, the imaging performance of Samsung Galaxy a50s is very gratifying, especially thanks to the addition of 48 million pixel high-definition main camera. The performance of the sample during the day is better in terms of white balance, picture resolution, picture tolerance and color saturation. Although there will be insufficient brightness in some scenes, it generally conforms to the mainstream Leveling.

Sample photos taken at night:

In the aspect of night view, thanks to the 48 million pixel main camera (f2.0 aperture), the galaxy a50s is still in place to control the noise. The purity of the picture is very high, and rich details can be kept in the dark. There is no overexposure and untrue effect caused by the brightness improvement. The colors of various lights have been restored well. The picture effect is in this price model It's really amazing.

Super wide angle sample:

△ standard mode

△ super wide angle mode

It is worth noting that the machine is also equipped with an ultra wide angle lens of 8 million pixels 123 & deg;, which has a very good performance in both picture color and field of view. When photographing buildings or large scenes, when the ultra wide angle mode is turned on, a wider viewing angle can be obtained, more elements can be incorporated into the picture, making the tall buildings more upright or the picture more Broad, greatly enhance the impact of the screen.

4000mAh large battery + 15W fast charging for uninterrupted entertainment experience

For this machine, in addition to its beautiful appearance and powerful photo taking power, there is also a bright spot to be mentioned, that is, in the slim 7.7mm body, the Samsung Galaxy a50s is equipped with a powerful 4000 MAH large capacity battery, and supports 15W acceleration charging technology, which not only ensures the full day of power, but also brings continuous entertainment and game experience.

In the following, we simulated several common use scenarios in daily use, including 30 minutes of maximum picture quality and high frame number 'eat chicken', 30 minutes of wechat voice call, 30 minutes of micro blog, 30 minutes of music listening and 30 minutes of online video, a total of 150 minutes of continuous endurance test, so as to simulate the power consumption of the machine under medium and heavy use.

According to the test results, the endurance performance of Samsung Galaxy a50s is still excellent. As shown in the figure, after 150 minutes of continuous test, the remaining power is 79% after the test. According to this calculation, the machine can basically meet the requirements of continuous online video viewing for 9 hours, or continuous' chicken eating 'for 6 hours, even heavy mobile phone users can rest assured.


Samsung Galaxy a50s is a high color and fashionable mobile phone for young users who have a young mentality and follow the fashion trend. Its gorgeous screen and appearance design fully conform to the fashion positioning of young users. In terms of hardware configuration, the new exynos 9611 processor, 48 million pixel rear three camera and 4000 MAH large battery and other eye-catching configurations are enough for daily life Live to provide users with continuous entertainment and game experience. Although at the price of 1999 yuan, this opportunity faces many intensive challenges of domestic mobile phones, but for users who are ready to switch at the end of the year, the emergence of this machine will also provide more choices for everyone.