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It's a small move. Microsoft will launch windows 10 arm x64 simulation simulator

The simulation of Win32 on Windows 10 arm is very elegant. Only by using the existing windows on Windows simulation layer, can the Win32 Application run on Windows 10 x64 system.

Previously, it was widely believed that x64 applications would never be available on Windows 10 arm, but now there are new signs that Microsoft will change that.

According to walkingcat, a slide released at the recent ignite conference showed that Microsoft confirmed that it was "currently unable to emulate x64 applications," but confirmed that "this situation is expected to change.". Another slide confirms Microsoft's expectation that the solution will not be used by a large number of applications. Microsoft points out that the simulation solution will be used for "a very small number of applications.". From this we can see that Microsoft is still very cautious about this.

Neowin, a foreign media, also received similar revelations, reporting that x64 simulation is expected to be slower than Win32 simulation, which means that although it is possible to run these applications, they are still not running as well as normal arm64 applications.