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Amd announces the specific parameters of the radeon Pro 5000m series GPU

As part of Apple's 16 inch MacBook Pro, the radeon Pro 5000m Series graphics processing unit has significantly improved performance compared to the previously available options for the 15 inch MacBook Pro.

In addition to the integrated graphics card, the new MacBook Pro model is equipped with two kinds of equipment in the standard model, one is the radeon Pro 5300m with 4GB gddr6 memory, and the other is the radeon Pro 5500m with 4GB gddr6 memory. The price of the two standard models is different (of course, there are differences in CPU, storage and other aspects). Both standard models can be upgraded, 5300m can be upgraded to 5500m, and 4GB VRAM 5500m can be upgraded to 8GB VRAM. Built on AMD's new rDNA architecture, the radeon Pro 5000m series is known as the first discrete mobile GPU to be built using a 7 nanometer process. Using gddr6 can achieve up to 192gb of memory bandwidth per second, twice that of gddr5.

The radeon Pro 5500m GPU is equipped with 24 computing units, 1536 stream processors, 1300mhz peak frequency, and can provide single precision floating-point performance of up to 4 teraflops. The radeon Pro 5300m GPU has 20 computing units, 1280 stream processors, 1250mhz peak frequency, and 3.2 teraflops.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro stand-alone graphics card consists of either the radeon Pro 555x or the radeon Pro 560x, both of which have 4GB VRAM. Based on the new standard MacBook Pro, consumers will enjoy 2.1 times faster graphics performance than the previous standard MacBook Pro, apple said.

Compared with the highest available GPU, 4GB Vega 20 and 8GB radeon Pro 5500m, the graphics performance is improved by up to 80%.