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Lu Weibing's new machine: redmi K30 is coming, supporting SA / NSA dual-mode 5g

According to the official information, redmi K30 adopts the scheme of hole digging screen, and it is a front dual camera, which is Xiaomi's first hole digging screen mobile phone.

Lu Weibing revealed that the hole digging screen technology is mature and stable, so redmi used it. K30 screen also adopts many new technologies, including many technical topics recently discussed (90hz refresh rate?) In terms of core configuration, redmi K30 may be equipped with MediaTek mt6885 chip, which is the first SOC integrated with Helio m705g of MediaTek. It adopts the latest cortex a77 architecture, and the GPU is mali-g77, which supports SA / NSA dual-mode and performs well.

Finally, we are concerned about the release time. Redmi K30 is expected to appear at the end of the year, which is worth looking forward to. Redmi K30 rendering by external media (authenticity to be confirmed)