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Will 250 yuan of 16GB memory overturn? Comprehensive test of cheap memory

Recently, most of these very cheap memory modules come from Guangwei, Jiuhe, asgat and other major cost-effective brands. It is understood that qirainbow and Shiquan also have similar memory modules on sale. The product details page will read: "XXX platform has the possibility of incompatibility due to the firmware source problem." This is also the biggest reason why we are so slow. It can be seen from the description on the product details page that there are fewer people getting on the bus and more people waiting for the bus, so can we buy it at all? What's the difference between it and the ordinary big brand memory? After reading this article, you will have the answer!

What I have in my hand is the large lineup of the nine in 16GB DDR4 3000MHz memory module Guangwei family. Asgat is a relatively large brand of Guangwei family, and the nine in is slightly lower than asgat. However, compared with Guangwei at least several memory vest, the heat dissipation will be better, and the chip capacitor and other components can be avoided to be knocked off during plugging. The memory module purchased this time is a nine in 16GB single module. The 19-19-19-43 timing is poor. 1.35v is the normal voltage of this frequency. Two pieces of 16GB memory make up 32GB, only 500 yuan after coupons. If it's 2400mhz frequency, even one piece of 16GB can be 230 yuan.

In order to verify whether such a cheap memory is good or not, I took another memory of the same 3000MHz and well-known brand to take part in the comparison. The timing of Weigang XPG DDR4 3000MHz memory is 16-18-18-36, which is quite good. It's also a well-known memory brand. The price of a single 8GB is about 220 yuan, and 440 yuan is enough to get 16GB It's 190 yuan more expensive than nine in 16 GB, and the difference is nearly double.

The appearance is finished. It's the truth to test on the computer right now!

The following are the system settings for the complete test:

The test mainly includes ① performance test, ② stability test and ③ compatibility test of nuclear display platform

The performance test and stability test are carried out with AMD ryzen 9 3900x and Asustek Rog crosshair VII hero motherboard. Clear the CMOS power on, set all settings as default, and the memory XMP is on. In the case of dual channel test, the frequency and timing are the XMP settings of the memory itself.

Introduce the platform before testing:

Hardware platform introduction cpuamd ryzen 9 3900x (for performance comparison test and stability test) Intel Core i9-9900k (for nuclear display test) AMD ryzen 3 2200g (for nuclear display test) main board Asustek Rog crosshair VII hero (Wi Fi) Asustek Rog Strix b365-f gaming Asustek Rog Strix b350-f gaming Gigabyte b450 I aorus Pro WiFi memory Weigang XPG DDR4 3000MHz 16-18-18-36 1.35v Jiuhe DDR4 3000MHz 19-19-19-43 1.35v hard disk Samsung 960pro 512gb power Hangjia gx600 power radiator reeven rc-1401 CPU radiator

This time, three representative CPUs were selected, namely, 3900x without core display, and two r32200g and i9-9900ks with core display to represent amd / Intel Core display platform respectively. Use R9 3900x + c7h as performance test and stability test, and use different platforms and CPUs for compatibility test to ensure coverage of most platforms, see how compatible this memory module is. Jiuhe memory parameter list memory performance test: comparison with products of Weigang factory

▍ CPU-Z test memory performance can be reflected from CPU performance. Therefore, when using CPU-Z for performance test, we can see that Jiuhe and Weigang have their own winners and losers, basically there is no big difference, and the gap can be ignored.

▍ WinRAR compression speed test WinRAR compression performance is closely related to memory reading performance. The memory of Jiuhe is slightly faster than that of Weigang. This is a little unexpected result.

▍ in the memory performance test of aida64, the memory performance of Jiuhe and Weigang is almost the same in the read-write part, and the advantage of Weigang's low timing is not shown until the memory copy project of aida64, the memory speed of Weigang is much faster than that of Jiuhe. (Note: for the sake of the beauty of the chart, the starting point of the coordinate system is 40000, not 0.) In the aida64 cache test, Weigang's memory latency is about 2ns lower than that of Jiuhe, and the timing advantage is shown here.

Memory stability test: look at the memory stability of the toaster

▍ memtest memory stability test the most concerned memory stability test. After 15 hours of rigorous full load test, Jiuhe memory ran the memtest test at the frequency of 3000MHz XMP, and there was no error at all. It can be seen that the stability of Jiuhe memory is really high, which is also unexpected to me. Samsung particle has a lot of work here. The product details page shows that the performance and stability test results of the memory are really good at present. The only remaining slot may be the incompatibility of some display platforms in its baby details page, so we also specially try these display platforms.

Compatibility test: check and display / single display once

Compatibility test of 9-in-16gb DDR4 3000MHz on a / I platform whether the CPU model GPU output can be turned on has been tested whether amd R3 2200g core display & times; Intel i9-9900k & Radio; amd R9 3900x single display & Radio; amd R3 2200g main board (some can be turned on, some can't be turned on) Intel i9-9900k & Radio;

In the compatibility test, the 9-in-16gb DDR4 3000MHz memory module has limited support for the nuclear display platform. It can only use the nuclear display on the i9-9900k (Intel) platform and pass the test, and cannot be lit on the AMD ryzen's nuclear display platform.

In addition, there is a part of b450 motherboard in the combination of 9-in-1, that is, using an independent graphics card, with R3 2200g still can't be turned on, but replacing other memory can be turned on, so it is basically confirmed that the problem of 9-in-1 memory causes this phenomenon, which is consistent with the above baby description.

Summary of compatibility test: it should be able to believe its baby's description of the page, AMD processor with core display (& times;), Intel's sixth generation core processor with core display (& times;) may encounter compatibility problems. But the relatively new Intel processor (& Radio;) should be OK. Anyway, the i9-9900k we tested works normally.

Memory particle analysis: how can it be so cheap? Is the grain reliable? As early as DDR3, there were "amd special strips". The reason is that the memory was expensive at that time. Some small manufacturers made special strips for AMD platform by changing the server memory by magic. The server memory uses 4 bit grains, while Intel platform can only recognize 8 bit * 1 bank, 8 bit * 2 bank and 16 bit * 1 bank, while amd can recognize special strips. There are many One is that "amd motherboard is easy to cheat, simply modifying memory ep-rom can be detected as normal memory", the other is that "amd puts server technology on civil motherboard, so it can use server granular memory". Although there is a risk of a blue screen crash in the AMD special strip, at that time, almost everyone on the AMD platform could explain the problem. So, is the 250 yuan 16 GB DDR4 the same as the server memory? It can be seen that the memory particle of Guangwei (Jiuhe) DDR4 is k4a8g045wc-bcrc, Baidu yisou. This particle has a great future and comes from Samsung! As we all know, Samsung's memory overclocking performance is very good. Zhiqi's magic halberd is to use Samsung's memory particles. If Samsung brand is used for the video card, the second-hand memory can be sold more expensive. On the Internet, it's all about buying this pellet. The cheap memory will give you Samsung pellet. Isn't Guangwei (Jiuhe) so conscientious? According to Samsung's official website, this is a c-die 4bit. Yes, it is the same as "amd special strip". This is the 4bit memory in the era of DDR4. Guangwei magic's technology of changing memory is higher than that of the small workshops in the era of "amd special strip". It has successfully deceived Intel and AMD ryzen (the AMD learning in the era of ryzen is smart). It can be said that "magic is a step higher, a step higher". No, that's right It's "the way is high, the devil is high". This is the 16GB DDR4 memory of Guangwei and Jiuhe detected by typhoon software. The particles are clearly marked with k4a8g045wc of c-die. However, the software shows that the b-die of k4aag085wb is the favorite of memory overclocking players. Guangwei may not be trying to trick players into saying "I'm a b-die", but just want to make the 4bit particles be recognized as normal memory boot.

There are 16 memory particles on the PCB board of Guangwei (Jiuhe) memory module, 8 of which are distributed on both sides. If they are correctly identified, they are called 2rx8. However, because they want to cheat the normal startup of the main board, the memory information is changed to 1rx8, so it changes from 4bit to 8bit.

Comparison of warranty terms: also guaranteed for 5 years

All brands' entry-level 16GB memory warranty terms memory brand warranty period Guangwei lifetime warranty nine in five year warranty asgat lifetime warranty ten in seven rainbow lifetime warranty [incompatible with AMD] three year warranty

Theoretically, the particles used by the server are more stable than those used by the common platform, but the server will not over frequency the memory, and will only run at the frequency of 2400mhz or 2666mhz. These cheap memories not only modify the memory information, but also preset the over frequency to 3200mhz (the highest). There is still a risk of memory module problems.

Before purchasing, we should identify the after-sales terms of each brand, and see if there is any special table on the product details page, for example, the 16GB DDR4 with 279 yuan of qirainbow indicates that it does not support amd platform, and the particle surface is polished to "colorful", so we can't see the real model of particles.

Summary: as long as there is no compatibility problem with your computer, you can go! According to common sense, it's impossible to get pie in the sky, but 250 yuan can really buy 16GB DDR4 memory module. In addition to the incompatibility of some platforms mentioned on the detail page, if it is used on other platforms, it's really cost-effective. More than 500 blocks can buy 32g memory! What kind of bike do you want?

So as long as we make sure that our platform is not amd display platform, we can basically use this memory. In addition, we have also carried out stability test, and the toaster has not reported an error in 15 hours. Jiuhe is the same as Guangwei, asgat and other brands, so this conclusion is also applicable to other brands' cheap 16GB memory. For people like me who want to have more memory and are poor, these cheap 16GB memory are really fragrant. It's OK to not use the display. No one is afraid when there is a warranty. Excellent ingredients fall into the hands of "Magic Chef" of Guangwei department and cook different dishes. Although its timing parameters are poor, it can be seen from the test that timing has little impact on performance. Due to the similar particles, the basic disk of this batch of memory can be 3200mhz C19 1.35v. Players who like to toss can try this memory for overclocking, After all, memory frequency can improve the minimum number of frames in the game to some extent.

Rough summary: it's true that it's not compatible with many nuclear display platforms, but there are no disadvantages besides this. It's cheap, usable and stable.