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How does it feel to play games at work? Try this Nintendo like NES mouse

Babitang is a domestic manufacturer specializing in the design of retro peripheral products. They put Daniel Jansson's idea into the N30 of babitang, which uses 2.4GHz wireless communication, with a price of 160 yuan. The key is that it really looks like the NES controller of that year. Although the appearance of the eight figure hall N30 is simple and retro, its daily functions are not reduced at all. For example, the scroll wheel in the middle of the left and right keys is replaced by a 3D touch scroll bar, and the direction key on the left side of the mouse bears the functions of forward, backward and page up and down. The weight of the whole mouse is 71g, and the working range is 10m. It is powered by No. 5 battery, with a range of 100 to 120 hours and a resolution of 1000dpi. Although it looks very retro and very game, in essence, it's still a small mouse for daily work. It's used to seeing ergonomic mouse. You might as well try this N30 retro, maybe you can find the feeling of playing the game back then.