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Full WiFi signal with strength! Huawei routing ws5200 quad core version brings smooth network access

With the continuous introduction of home smart products, I believe that many friends have already used smart speakers, smart arrangers and other smart home products. But intelligent products are good, but when it comes to intelligence, it must be connected to the Internet. In the past, the devices used to use the Internet at home were generally mobile phones, tablets and laptops. More network access brings more resources. At this time, it is difficult for traditional routers to be foolproof. But don't worry, Huawei routing ws5200 quad core version can easily solve your troubles.

Huawei's routing ws5200 quad core version uses its own chip LingXiao quad core 1GHz processor, which is equipped with 128M large memory and large flash memory. It has a data forwarding capacity of up to 5Gbps, with the advantages of fast speed, stable connection, low delay and strong anti-interference ability. Generally speaking, when more than 10 devices are connected, the CPU share of single core router is more than 50%, while the four core version of ws5200 only accounts for about 5%. Too high CPU occupancy will lead to device dropout, delay, jam, network speed decline, etc. The powerful data concurrent processing ability of LingXiao quad core makes ws5200 quad core version support more online devices to be stable online!

It is worth noting that Huawei's ws5200 quad core version is equipped with four 5dBi high gain omnidirectional antennas. Thanks to its powerful antenna configuration, Huawei's ws5200 quad core router can achieve a huge area of 120 square meters in terms of signal coverage. Even in the case of obstacles, the through wall mode of this router can maintain good network speed and ultra-low network delay even when it is connected with two load-bearing walls.

In terms of network configuration, in order to ensure that users can use dual band WiFi more efficiently, Huawei ws5200 quad core uses the design of true dual band. It combines 2.4GHz Wi Fi and 5GHz Wi Fi into one: we know that 5GHz signal can bring us a good use experience in a short distance, while 2.4GHz can bring us a better experience in a long distance or through a wall. Huawei's ws5200 quad core true dual frequency technology can give users priority to connect 5g signals with faster speed and lower delay under the same signal strength. When the distance is far and there are many partitions, it will automatically switch to 2.4GHz frequency band. Automatically select the fastest Wi Fi frequency band for users, not only to achieve load balancing of dual frequency signals to avoid channel congestion, but also to allow users to enjoy the strongest performance that routers can bring anytime and anywhere.

Will such a strong router be very complicated to configure?

Not at all! In order to let users better use the router, Huawei's installation and configuration of ws5200 four core router is not difficult at all. This router is a combination of Wan and LAN network interfaces. The router has the technology of automatic identification of network interfaces. When wiring, it can be done without distinguishing between network interfaces and blind plug-in. The old people and children can handle it. It doesn't matter if they forget the broadband account password at home. This router It also supports the function of copying the password of the old routing account, connecting the WAN port of the previous route to any network port of the new route, and automatically connecting to the Internet by copying the account and password with one key!

In terms of the number of access devices, Huawei routing ws5200 quad core version, with its powerful quad core computing performance, completely solves the problem of resource possession caused by the high number of access devices. On the signal, Huawei's ws5200 quad core version is equipped with four high gain antennas, so that the whole house WiFi really has no dead angle coverage. Such a powerful router, its price is only 249 yuan! Ready to start at this price router friends, choose it must be right!