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Huawei mate 30 user's self statement: after tasting Reno ace, let's talk about our opinions

From the screen that the game player pays special attention to

I think I'm the kind of person who likes to play games, so it's a normal entertainment to take time to drive black with friends. During the time of using Huawei mate 30, I felt that the screen control was smooth, but after experiencing oppo Reno ace, when I picked up Huawei mate 30 again to play the game, it was obvious that the difference between them was not a gimmick, "90hz". Oppo Reno ace feels like the "high frame rate mode" launched by King glory, which is more delicate and soft in animation. And in the moment of opening the double mirror, shooting, jumping off the car and so on, the characters have feedback, rather than "slow half shot". Just like the original human eye adapted to 1080p, and then ugly back to 720p, the eyes will only be more and more tricky. After all, the game is a part of daily use. What kind of role can a 90hz E-sports screen play in other applications? After the game, we compared Huawei mate 30 with oppo Reno ace in other daily applications: it can be seen that Huawei mate 30 fails to get rid of finger sliding in slow motion, which will have a certain degree of lag experience, and there is also a visible Caton in the process of screen movement, which is only revealed when there is a comparison. In contrast, oppo Reno ace is much smoother, and the transition of the picture is natural, and there is no "slow half" phenomenon. This also directly leads to the unaccustomed feeling of watching Huawei mate 30 after using oppo Reno ace for a period of time.

The difference between Huawei mate 30 and oppo Reno ace on the screen is not only in fluency, but also in some more prominent aspects. For example, in the selection of comprehensive screen scheme, Reno ace selects water drop screen for the ultimate visual perception, while Huawei mate 30 has to consider Liu Haiping because of the existence of attitude sensor, which makes a difference in visual presentation. In addition, Huawei mate 30 finally uses OLED screen, but it lags behind in parameters. For example, in terms of pixel density, Huawei mate 30 is 390ppi, slightly inferior to oppo Reno ACE (402ppi). Moreover, the maximum excitation brightness of the latter screen can reach 1000nit, and it has passed the TV global eye protection certification of German Rhine laboratory, ensuring the comfortable use in multiple scenes, which is not available in Huawei mate 30.

Huawei mate 30 takes good photos. What about oppo Reno ace?

Some of the small partners around bought Huawei mobile phones for photos, which was also fed back during the use of Huawei mate 30. Huawei mate 30 is equipped with 40 million super sensitive Leica three cameras, which are 40 million pixel super sensitive main camera + 16 million pixel super wide angle camera + 8 million telephoto camera, as well as super wide angle and super micro distance. Oppo Reno ace adopts a more radical hardware configuration. The 48 million main cameras + 13 million telephoto cameras + 8 million wide-angle cameras and 2 million black-and-white style cameras constitute four cameras. The software and hardware are optimized in coordination. The overall functionality is not different from that of Huawei mate 30. But "mules are pulled out by horses". In order to prove that their mobile phones are better for taking photos, there is a small contrast. Through the night scene, Huawei mate 30 and oppo Reno ace are distinguished. (up: mate 30, down: Reno ACE)

It can be seen that there are some differences in style between the two mobile phones, among which oppo Reno ace prefers warm color. At the same time, the overall picture brightness will be higher, which also makes the dark details exposed more, such as the nearby buildings. Huawei mate 30 is relatively cold, because of the lower brightness, the color will be more colorful. (up: mate 30, down: Reno ACE)

In this group of samples, the style of the previous group continues, while Huawei mate 30 and oppo Reno ace present different algorithm optimizations. The former pursues a more realistic scene, which makes the light and shade staggered. Oppo Reno ace hopes to change more dark details by increasing the brightness of the screen, so as to better fit the human eye. Generally speaking, there is little difference between the two in the photo taking process, mainly due to the difference in the adjustment style of the manufacturer, which is regarded as the representative of 3K files.

What's the ultimate speed?

Just changed to Huawei mate 30, I wanted to experience the charm of 40W fast charging. Indeed, the whole process was very fast. It was a very novel experience to watch the decimal point of the power rising. But when I saw oppo Reno ace, I said: Excuse me. The fast charging of oppo Reno ace is 65W. After the data line is plugged in, the decimal point will soar faster. Before that, I didn't know much about oppo mobile phones, but I also heard a lot of advertising words of "two minutes for charging and two hours for talking". This time, I felt intuitively. After making a data table, it can be seen that oppo Reno ace is full of 4000mAh battery in 30 minutes, while Huawei mate 30 is full of 4200mah in 62 minutes. The advantage of the former is very obvious. As expected, it's terrible to play with technology. Like most people, I would like to think that if oppo Reno ace keeps charging at such high power, will it not stay hot? Two ways of "charging there" and "playing while charging" were tried. In the process, oppo Reno ace did not have a particularly obvious fever, and the efficiency has been maintained well, which shows that the technology itself has a great guarantee. As a Huawei mate 30 user, he has a certain liking for this mobile phone, and has realized the experience without short board at the price of 4K. But compared with oppo Reno ace, which is 1000 yuan cheaper, the gap is still there. This also reflects the current mobile phone market, the competition between products has become white hot, manufacturers pay more attention to breakthroughs in new products, which often break through the price limit. So relatively speaking, in the 3K price range, the starting price of Reno ace from 2999 yuan is really good, and there are more discounts when you buy it in the double 11 event. Interested friends may as well pay attention.