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Jinli mobile phones are pushing new products. Flip phone a326 release intention to reproduce classic

Once bankrupt, Jinli mobile came back again. Previously, Jinli had launched a low-end machine called K3 in September this year, which uses the p23 processor of MediaTek, 4 + 64GB memory, and costs 799 yuan.

But that's not all.

This morning, the official public address of Jinli mobile phone was renewed. It said it would launch a flip phone called A326. The slogan of the official public address is: 'classic flip phone, an unattainable height', and 'reverence for classic' and 'continuity'. '

From the pictures released by the government, we can see that Jinli's new flip phone indeed continues the design method of the classic flip phone, which is square and regular as a whole and suitable for business people. At the system level, there is no doubt that the Jinli a326 is only a functional product, so its selling points can include such as dual card dual standby, ultra long standby, etc. In terms of color matching, the golden a326 is available in black, blue, red and gold.

"What's new is technology, and what's retained is original intention," Jin said. The a326 flip phone created by Jinli is not only the pursuit of scientific and technological innovation, but also the adherence to the original intention of the product. In the era of large touch screen smart phones, we still keep our original intention to meet the feelings of the small market, to achieve the best, and to inherit the classic with actions. '

However, how many consumers will like this obviously branded function machine?