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Lying in a hospital bed, having a meeting, the doctor is popular, working with the sick, just to let

Original title: lying on the bed for a meeting, doctor became popular and told us: let the children go home healthy before the snow blocked the road

In recent days, a picture of a doctor 'lying down to work' in a conference room has been widely spread on social platforms. In the photo, more than ten doctors in white coats sat around and participated in multi-disciplinary consultation to discuss the operation plan of Tibetan children. At the end of the conference table, a doctor in surgical suit was lying on the bed to participate in the meeting. After the photo spread, many people praised the professional work of doctors, and many netizens said they were puzzled: why do doctors bring diseases to the meeting?

On November 8, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that the doctor who was lying on the bed for the meeting was called Che Hong, a doctor of cardiovascular surgery in the First Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University. At the end of October, five children with congenital heart disease from Tibet Autonomous Region came to Anhui for medical treatment. Before the consultation, he was unable to stand because of the sudden protrusion of the lumbar disc, so he could only barely lie on the bed. But for three years in a row, I went to Tibet to participate in screening and treatment of Tibetan children with congenital heart disease. As the doctor who knows most about the condition of the children, Che Hong didn't allow him to be absent. In December, there will be heavy snow in the local area. I will bite my teeth and operate on them before the snow is blocked, so that the children can go home healthy and safe. '

11 years of medical service in Tibet for 3 consecutive years

Che Hong, 38, has been a doctor for 11 years. As a doctor of cardiovascular surgery, it is common for him to stand for seven or eight hours every day for heart surgery. According to the hospital, the year-round reversal of day and night, high-intensity, high-load medical work, let the car boom doctor's body fell many small problems. 'the waist is always aching from time to time. I didn't take it seriously. After all, it can pass if I endure it. "Said the car.

Beiqing Daily reporter learned that chehong's First Affiliated Hospital of safety medical university is the only medical institution designated by Anhui health and Health Commission to screen and treat children with congenital heart disease in Shannan, Tibet. The hospital treated dozens of children with congenital heart disease free of charge in Shannan, Tibet. Che Hong has participated in the screening and treatment of Tibetan children with congenital heart disease for three years.

In September of this year, Che Hong followed the medical team of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anyi university to three counties in Shannan, Tibet, namely, Zena, cuomei and Langjia, to check the local children aged 0-14 with congenital heart disease, screen out five children, and take them back to Anhui for heart surgery. As the altitude is very high, every day in Tibet, car boom must rely on oxygen to maintain normal operation. At that time, his lumbar spine would ache from time to time.

Taking part in the multidisciplinary consultation of the children in the bed

On October 27, five children with congenital heart disease in Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region arrived at Bengbu Railway Station accompanied by their families and staff to receive medical treatment in Anhui Province. According to the arrangement of the local health committee, the First Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University sent medical staff and volunteers to the station to welcome them. Five children were admitted to the cardiovascular surgery of the high tech hospital area for further examination and treatment.

On November 1, Che Hong completed the first operation of this batch as the chief surgeon. Shortly after the first operation, Che Hong suffered from lumbar spondylosis, and could not sit and only lie on his back. He recalled that on the morning of November 4, after a night of work on duty, he was ready to go home. When he went to the toilet, he found that he could not stand suddenly, and the whole person was frozen in the cubicle of the hospital toilet. "When I was about to stand up, my legs suddenly seemed to be shocked, totally frozen, unable to move at all. I called my colleague and asked him to help me. "Car boom recalled. With the help of colleagues, Che Hong came to the orthopaedic department of the hospital and was diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation. 'it's no accident. My waist has been bad all the time, but the pain is too unexpected this time. '

After being diagnosed, Che Bang immediately lay on the bed, but even lying flat can not reduce the pain. However, I learned that there was a multi-disciplinary consultation on the morning of November 6, and the car on the bed was "unable to stay", insisting on attending the consultation. Che Hong said that compared with the children, his condition is not worth mentioning.

About: 'let the children go home in a healthy and safe way before the snow covers the road'

On the morning of November 6, the hospital organized multi-disciplinary consultation to discuss the operation plan of Tibetan children. On that day, the car that was supposed to rest and wait for the minimally invasive surgery in the afternoon came to the consultation site. He explained that he could not rest assured of his most familiar Tibetan children. As the attending doctor who knows the most about the heart disease of Tibetan children in the hospital, Che Hong endured the pain. With the help of his colleagues, he was carried from the hospital bed to the cart, pushed into the meeting room by the nurse, and introduced the situation of Tibetan children to other doctors one by one.

'every child is brought back by me. I must let every child go home healthy and healthy. Chehong said that these Tibetan children live in a very remote area in the south of Tibet Mountain, so it is not convenient to go home. He also said: 'I know the most about these children. I can't let them wait for me for three weeks. When the time comes, they will bite their teeth and operate on them. In December, there will be heavy snow in Tibet. I want to catch up with the snow before the road is sealed, so that the children can go home healthy and safe. '

Therefore, Che Hong should introduce the situation of Tibetan children before his operation and let them return to their relatives as soon as possible after the operation next week. 'I believe that every doctor will do this for the sake of patients, which is our original intention and mission in medical practice. "After finishing the work with pain, at 5:30 p.m. on November 6, car boom was pushed into the operating room for minimally invasive surgery.