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Samsung or equipped with 120Hz high refresh rate display for Galaxy S11

(Title via BGR)

In the past few years, some Android smartphone manufacturers have equipped their flagship game consoles with high refresh rate screens (the standard is only 60Hz).

Although other configurations are similar to the Galaxy S or note smart machine released in the same year, the high refresh rate of 90 or even 120 Hz can bring more extreme enjoyment to users.

This year, manufacturers such as Yijia and Google have launched smartphones with a 90 Hz refresh rate. But neither oneplus 7 / 7 Pro nor pixel 4 is on sale in the name of a gaming device. In view of this, Samsung is expected to release some Galaxy S11 models next year with the same technology. Some insiders speculate that Samsung may raise the refresh rate to 120Hz at one stroke, rather than 90hz.

In combination with earlier rumors, Samsung is also expected to equip the galaxy S11 with a larger battery capacity, which will help improve the device's endurance in 5g network and 120Hz high refresh rate mode

Finally, in addition to the galaxy S11 in the first half of next year, note 11 in the second half of next year, and Apple's iPhone 12, it is also expected to be equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate display.