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Apple issues another $2.2 billion of green bonds to help integrate technology with environmental pro

In response, Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy and social affairs, said that Apple will be firmly committed to tackling the threat of climate change. In addition to successfully transforming to 100% renewable energy, Apple will accelerate the carbon emission reduction beyond its own supply chain through the issuance of an additional $2.2 billion of green bonds. At the same time, apple is proving that companies do not have to choose between environmental protection and profitability.

It is reported that the two previous green bonds worth US $2.5 billion have contributed to 40 global environmental protection plans, including projects created by apple to cover all its power load. As of January 2019, 66% of the renewable energy used by Apple came from this. For example, solar roofs in Japan, aquifer storage in Oregon and customized alloy products made of 100% renewable aluminum are all well realized.

In addition, apple operates 100% renewable energy in its global business, trying to promote the whole supply chain network at the same time. At present, 44 suppliers have committed to use 100% renewable energy to provide power support for Apple's production. Currently, apple and its suppliers work on a total of 60000 megawatts of clean energy globally.

It is worth mentioning that apple is also accelerating the use of renewable materials for new product packaging and parts. For example, 100% of the vibration motors of the latest iPhone use recyclable rare earth materials. Meanwhile, apple is continuing to develop new technologies for the dismantling robot Daisy to improve the proportion and efficiency of dismantling and recycling of old products.