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Zhou Jie sells rice worth more than 100 million yuan, abandons drama and enjoys rural life

Original title: Zhou Jie sells rice worth more than 100 million yuan, which is beyond the reach of netizens on November 7, ZhouJie of Erkang shared the latest situation of selling rice on social networking site. ZhouJie sold rice for more than 100 million yuan. It seems that he enjoyed his rural life. Some media also said that nowadays, the value of "Erkang" abandoning drama for business has exceeded 100 million yuan. ZhouJie's recent photos look good. Many fans still leave a message to hope that he will continue to make movies!

Once because of the "Erkang" in Qiongyao opera, it became popular in the streets, and then because of the "Bao Zheng", it became the white moonlight in the eyes of many netizens. After that, Zhou Jie, who rarely appeared on the big screen, started the business model!

Since 2004, he has set up his own film and television company, and then opened many restaurants with friends. It is said that in order to ensure the quality of food, Zhou Jie contracted thousands of acres of land and went to farm!

At that time, Zhou Jie's return to the field life attracted a lot of hot discussion, but it is said that Zhou Jie not only has a thousand mu farm, but also a mansion. Now, he is also a billionaire because he sells rice. He is not defeated by Lin Xinru, who is still in charge of production and acting.

According to his photos, his mansion is surrounded by a farm. It is located in the middle of a good field after harvest. There are many green plants beside it. It looks like it is also very moated!

Zhou Jie's rice and flour are also priceless. A bag of rice costs more than 6000 yuan, and a bag of flour costs more than 3000 yuan, hundreds of times the normal price. No wonder many fans and netizens can't afford it!

It can be seen that Zhou Jie is very confident in his career. He also sent a long article to explain to you. However, most of the netizens' concerns are why the God of man is still so handsome after so many years. He is not old at all!