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A man who maliciously asks for a refund is severely punished for minor loss

Original title: a 22-year-old man in Zhejiang Province was sentenced to nine months for eating white food on November 4, 2018, Shen ordered chicken leg meal in a take out software. After a full meal, he left a message on the store platform: "how to eat your hair? What to do if you die?". After the store communicated with him, Shen asked for a refund. In order not to leave a bad record on the platform, the store agreed to refund 16 yuan. But in fact, there is no hair in the chicken leg meal, which is the usual trick of 22-year-old shen Mou who maliciously corrupts the businessmen to eat white food. From October to November 2018, Shen successfully applied for take out refund 13 times in this way. On November 6, the Yueqing court heard the case in public. Shen, the defendant, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment for the crime of provocation.