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The original intention of the members of the circle is to cheat for compensation

Former member of the wool Party: for compensation

Recently, a up Master of B station led his followers to place a large number of navel orange orders in a Taobao store at a price of 4500 Jin / 26 yuan per order, that is, the so-called "wool pulling" behavior. In an interview with Red Star News on November 7, a former member of the wool party, who did not want to be named, said that the act of "collecting wool" was called "getting on the bus" in their circle, while the act of "collecting wool" caused by wrong price setting was called "getting on the buggy". The wool party doesn't expect Taobao owners to deliver goods at the wrong price at all, but once Taobao owners fail to deliver goods, they can complain to Taobao. Once the complaints are successful, they will get a certain proportion of compensation based on the order price.