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Fried rice is going to shrink. Players are angry and spray Blizzard eunuch

However, this blizzard Carnival opened around 2019 beta version of "Warcraft 3: Remake", the painting style is like this. In addition to the old UI demonstrated before, the hero's head and model have changed a lot. Take the king of the hills as an example, it has the king's style of magni copper beard in the furnace stone painting. However, the overall picture quality in the game is far from satisfactory. Grubby, a former professional player of "Warcraft 3" in Holland, is one of the first people to obtain the beta test qualification. He has also been broadcasting his own "remake" match live on twitch. In addition to the slightly refined architecture, the picture is a little fuzzy, which is no different from the original in 2002. The surrounding trees Let alone the effect of light and shadow. Even the shadow is gone directly

In the official interview, in the interview with Robert bridenbecker by foreign media polygon, the latter also said that "players like the plot of war3 very much and we will not modify it". In the interview with Blizzard Carnival last year, the screenwriter Christie golden also said that the plot of overproduction would be more in line with world of Warcraft. Recently, the discussion between domestic forums and players on Warcraft 3: Remaking has never stopped, and even "Uncle party" said that the story mode in remaking was directly castrated. However, the plot page of also means that this may not happen, and Blizzard recently removed the "2019 release" of "Warcraft 3: Remake" from the client page. I hope this bate test screen doesn't represent anything. The quality of the game when it is officially launched can meet the expectations of more players.